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Generic Drugs

What is generic medicine?

These are those medicines which possess same pharmaceutical active ingredient in its formulation. They have the same route of administration, same mechanism of action and the same dose as of branded drugs. These generic medicines are easily available in the market under the name of their chemical component. The generic name is universally accepted. These drugs are very cost effective, because it is not required to file a patent and clinical trial in case of generic medicines. 

Are generic medicines equivalent to brand name medicines?

The medicines which are sold under the name of “Generic Name” possess same active ingredient, same strength, Dosage form, route of administration, indications, adverse effects and their bioequivalence as compared to Branded medicines.

Are generic drugs safe?

These medicines are highly efficacious and safe, because these medicines are approved by FDA. The pharmaceutical company who manufactures Generic medicines must comply with GMP (Good manufacturing practices) standards.

Why generic medicines are seems to be different than brand name medicines?

The brand name medicines differ in external appearance with color, shape or flavor, but these factors do not affect the pharmacological action, safety or efficacy of any medicine.

Why generic medicine is Cost effective?

The pharmaceutical company who manufactures medicines under the name of “Generic” Medicines won’t spend their money on patent filing, clinical trials or advertising of the products.