When you want to look gorgeous and professionally smarter   then you need to go for long eyelashes and the best solution is provided buy latanoprost opthalmic solution. The latanoprost opthalmic solution is sold as a brand name 9 Pm. The 9 pm eyedrop is generally used for the treatment of Hypotrichosis and thereby assures increase in the thickness, length and color of eyelashes. 9 PM eye drop also indicated in the treatment of glaucoma. Latanoprost is the main ingredient present in the 9 PM eye drop. Latanoprost decreases the pressure in the eye.

Latanoprost a solution for Glaucoma

In case of glaucoma like disease the fluid inside the eye does not drain properly which leads to increase in the pressure of the eye.To prevent further eye damage 9 pm eyedrop should be used to avoid complete loss of vision.The sign and symptoms which are generally observed with Glaucoma include eye pain, blurred vision, red eyes and sudden unexpected vision problem. 

Risk factors associated with Glaucoma

There are many factors which are which are linked to glaucoma.

  1. The people who are over the age of 60 years have a much higher risk of developing the disease. In case of African, the risk rises at a younger age. 
  2. The East Asians have shallow anterior chamber depth and they have a higher risk of developing glaucoma compared to Caucasians.
  3. Those who are people of African origin have more chances developing glaucoma compared to American whites.
  4. Moreover the glaucoma is more in females as compared to glaucoma in males.
  5. The people who have diabetes or hypothyroidism have a much higher chance of developing glaucoma.
  6. Individuals who have problems of nearsightedness have a higher risk of glaucoma.

 For a good eyelashes and to have a good-look

  • One should remove the eye makeup as soon as possible.
  • The strength of eyelashes could be increased by regular use of olive oil.
  • When you mix olive and castor oil in equal proportion and then apply them regularly would increase life span of the eyelashes.
  • When you keep green tree leaves in the luke warm water and then applied to the eyelashes with make longer and thicker in nature.
  • Regular trimming  of the eyelashes is believed to stimulate the follicle of your eyelashes and assures faster growth

 Working of latanoprost

9pm eyedrop contains Latanoprost which is a prostaglandin. Specifically, Latanoprost is believed to be a agonist and brings in reduction of the intraocular pressure. By increasing the outflow of aqueous humor the pressure is checked by the 9 pm eye drop.  The higher the level of intra ocular pressure the greater are the chances of optic nerve damage and visual field loss which is taken care by 9 pm eyedrop.

When should you avoid latanoprost?

 In case of other medical problems one should specify all the details to his or her physicians.  The other medical condition may include

  •  When there is Eye disease like iritis or uveitis use of latanoprost may make the condition worse.
  • In case of loss of lens of the eyes avoid using Latanoprost.
  • When there is a liver disease higher aggregation of latanoprost gets accumulated in the blood so avoid using latanoprost without prior doctor’s authority.

Warning and precaution

  •  Be careful as Latanoprost lowers intraocular pressure when put in the eyes.
  • You should not use Latanoprost while using contact lenses as it contains benzalkonium chloride which can cause discoloration of soft contact lenses.
  • Iris pigmentation has been reported when bimatoprost solution was administered. The pigmentation occurs due to increased melanin content.
  • The eyelid skin darkening may occur and be reversible so only apply at the base of upper lashes. You should not apply to the lower lid.
  • Hair may grow on the skin that Latanoprost frequently touches
  • Careprost is reported in case of breast feeding mothers. So caution is required

Buy 9 pm eye drop and get a check on your vision loss due to Glaucoma.  Buy  9 pm eye drop to enhance beauty of eyelashes. If you are looking to get dark and dense eyelashes buy latanoprost opthalmic solution.