As a young man, you may have a daily erection. As men move towards middle age, they face reverse. Every man may face this problem once in a while but if he faces it often then he might be having erection failure. The basic reason behind the loss of erection is poor blood flow to penile. Letting your ED problem go away will make the condition worse. Sometimes ED occurs because of anxiety, men usually get nervous while performing with their partner for the first time. Because of lots of pressure, anxiety begins and that makes your erection flaccid. It is better to get this problem eliminated by using Cenforce. Use Cenforce and stop your frequent erection failure. After using Cenforce, your blood flow to genitals will increase up leading to an erection. If you are facing a lack of erection, use Cenforce Generic Sildenafil 200mg, 150mg, 100mg and 50mg.     


Cenforce has generic drug as Sildenafil belonging to the PDE5 inhibitor. No penile erection means flaccid penile that acts as a hindrance in your intercourse. Sildenafil shows its mechanism by preventing the PDE5 action and it also increases the cGMP level in the penile region. When genital is filled with high cGMP, there is effective vasodilation of penile blood vessels. Vasodilation makes the quick flow of blood towards penile region bringing about stronger and firm erection. In spite of using Cenforce, sexual arousal is also required for getting an erection.


Is erection issue destroying your relationship? Take Cenforce 200mg

Dosage info about Cenforce: The doses of Vilitra available are 50 mg, 100 mg, and 200, 150 mg. For speeding up erection duration, you need to take a single tablet of 50 mg, 100 mg, and 200, 150 mg of Cenforce depending on severity before 60 min of intercourse sessions. The drug shows its activity within 30 min of its intake and the effect lengthens for 4 to 6 hours duration. It is important to take a single tablet once per day. You can ingest it with or without meals. Keep yourself away from the consumption of fatty food.


Some contradictory factors and safety precautions you have to follow with Cenforce: Stop yourself from the consumption of Cenforce when you have an allergic reaction with any of its contents. You should cease Cenforce in medical problems such as hereditary degenerative eye problem, kidney problem, heart ailments, liver disorder, and high or low blood pressure etc. You should stop using poppers or nitrate medication. Never consume any other ED drug when you are already ingesting Cenforce. There are chances of heavy dizziness so stop being in harsh activities. Use with extreme care in elders and children. Report any painful erection to your physician.


Some harmful effects you observe with Cenforce are flushing, nausea, painful erection, heartburn, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, allergic reaction, swelling of face or mouth, memory loss, and vision changes. 


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