Let us know the working of Cenforce in the man's body:

Cenforce works by stopping the degradation of cGMP occurring in male sensual part by stopping the functioning of PDE-5 in the male penile region. During love awakening, nitric oxide is discharged from the man's body that is responsible for the creation and maintains cGMP in man's secretive region. This is responsible for widening and calming vessels of the male penile area that gives an unbending erection to the man.

Let us know the dosing recommendation of Cenforce Tablets:

The best dosing of Cenforce 200 mg that can suit any man whether he is using first time or a continuous user:

  • You need to take Cenforce, 45-60 minutes prior to making a romantic session orally with a gigantic amount of water.
  • One dose of this drug is enough for a day as its effectiveness in the body remains active for 4-5hours
  • Fatty meals may slow the activity of this drug so prefer to have a light meal when you are planning for taking Cenforce.

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Let us know the contraindications of Cenforce:

There are some conditions where Cenforce drug is restricted to consume as it may lead to worsening the situation:

  • Allergy to any compound present in Cenforce
  • Liver, kidney, heart, genitals, or bleeding disorder
  • If you any form of Nitrate
  • If you are taking riociguat


Let us know the unsafe effects of Cenforce:

Cenforce drug may make you face the unwanted consequences like queasiness, nasal jamming, muscle aches, headache, and redness of the face, dyspepsia, indistinct vision, back pain, lightheadedness, or prolonged or painful erection.

Let us know the defensive measures of Cenforce:

  • Shun the drinking of alcohol while being on Cenforce therapy as it may minimize the onset of action of this medicine.
  • You need not drive a vehicle after taking Cenforce drug as it may produce sleepiness in your body.
  • If you face trouble like prolonged erection for more than 4 hours or painful erection then tell your doctor immediately.