The demand of generic Erex is increasing day by day among the stage of men’s health because of its 100% safe, effective and valuable effects. It takes only one time in a day. Always remember that, Erex ought to be taken just before engaging in sexual activity with your partner, since it works only under the sexual stimulation. Buy Erex to make happy your partner with perfect and exciting lovemaking.  

Erectile dysfunction is becoming a common problem in men; it hampers the healthy and romantic sexual life. It influences not only the men but it also affects their partner. Every female wants her man to become fit, fine and healthy. So when her partner faces the problem of ED, she equally suffers mentally and physically. But nowadays, you don’t have to concern due to ED and other sexual disorder because the effective solution is already accessible in online drug store like Erex 100mg.


Erex blessings for men

Erex is mainly discovered to treat the erotic disorder and it offers the ultimate result, if you are taking this drug in the right and proper dose. Generic Sildenafil citrate is a dynamic component of this drug and it is highly efficient to treat the erectile brokenness in males. It is highly specific towards its action and its action lasts up to 5 hours. It assists a man to get happiness and satisfaction in the physical relations. Sildenafil fits under the group of phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors. Sildenafil citrate is responsible for the activating the concentration of nitric oxide which starts the synthesis of c-GMP chemical and improves the blood stream to penile section of guys and makes hard or stiff erection for satisfactory intimacy session. Sildenafil acts as naturally and it does not get a possibility to show any adverse effects. Some more general adverse effects of this drug are severe headache, feeling of dizziness, and nausea and atypical taste of mouth.


You should take 1 tablet of Erex via an oral route. The prescribed time of taking this drug is half an hour just before involving in the physical intimacy with your spouse. As soon as, it is quickly reaches into the blood stream and acts immediately within 45 minutes. So, it is safe to buy Erex 50mg and use, if you actually want to get the advantages of this drug. We guarantee you that you will definitely going to praise the drug after you take it. It can be brought with or without meals. During this medication therapy you ought to avoid the intake of fatty food because fatty food slows the therapeutic action of Sildenafil.


Before taking the drug, you should emulate these safety points-

  • ·        Do not take this drug if you are highly susceptible to generic Sildenafil.
  • ·        It is not taken by organ donor male patients.
  • ·        Cardiac patients should take this drug with some cautions.
  • ·        Do not take grapefruit and alcohol along with this drug.
  • ·        This drug is not meant for youngsters underneath the age of 12 years.
  • ·        The utilization of this drug is strictly contraindicated in some cases like kidney, liver disorder, panic disorder, hypertension, stomach or intestinal ulcers.

·        Never take this drug, if you are previously using Anti-anginal medications like Nitrate and Nitroglycerine.


Buy Erex 100mg online, if you are not happy to your with your sexual performance in bed.  It will definitely give you lots of happiness, pleasure and satisfaction during intimacy session.