There are various events which give birth to anxiety. It could be day to day stressful events at the job, couple fights, age related and health related. This situation then starts compiling day after day &may lead to origin of anxiety. It soon becomes a disease         

Role of Anxiety in Erectile dysfunctioning.

.Anxiety plays a major role in the development of the problems associated with erectile dysfunction.  Anxiety gives a way to different psychological and behavioral changes and leads to distance and conflicts. Next it affects your relationship and less communication between both the partners.              

What is erectile dysfunction?

It’s the inability to maintain the erection for sufficient period for a satisfactory sexual performance.   Erectile dysfunction is also termed as impotence. It is the inability to maintain the erection for a desired period for satisfactory sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction generally deals with male sexual intercourse, such as lack of sexual desire and problems with ejaculation and orgasm. 

Sign and symptoms of erectile dysfunction

There are many sign and symptoms which are responsible for erectile dysfunction which includes pain during sex, lack of sexual desire and having pain during the sex. 

The severity of erectile dysfunction                        

The erectile dysfunction varies from one individual to other individual. The natural factor includes ageing and diseased condition. The psychological cause of erectile dysfunction does not have any age barrier. It can affect the individual as per his lifestyle and thought process


Eight good reasons for loss of erections

1.   If you are used to too much of alcohol it actually works as a depressant and ultimately effects the

      erection process. High intake of alcohol even results into obesity and high blood pressure.

2.  Smoking too much of cigarettes leads to constriction of blood vessels and ultimately effecting the

       erection process.

3.   Performance anxiety among youngster or in a new relationship is a common reason for loss of interest in sexual activity.

4.   If you are overworking you may lose interest in your partner as your sleeping and exercising would be

5.   Any emotional issues which could further lead to stress and anxiety also affect the erection charts.

6.   If you are overworking you may lose interest in your partner as your sleeping and exercising would be badly affected.

 Unwanted effects of Cenforce

There are some unwanted effects which are reported and are less common in nature. This mainly includes dizziness, indigestion, stomach upset and tenderness in stomach area. There are dome rare effects which are also contributed abnormal vision, blurred vision, confusion and convulsion.

Preventive measures & caution        

The cautions which are required in case of Cenforce are mainly when the patient is allergic to the medication or any component of the medication. All the drugs which are either prescription or nonprescription drug should be reported to the doctor. Special precaution is required in case of liver, kidney problem, certain eye problem and hearing problem. The medication should not be prescribed if you are on nitrates