Glaucoma is a very general problem of the eyes. It can cause rigorous complications in the eyes, if it is not treated and if you ignore it. Latanoprost eye drop is one of the frequently used eye care solutions for eye infection. This eye care solution is very valuable for glaucoma and intraocular hypertension.

Glaucoma is one of the concerned eye problems which you have to control at any cost because it can cause sightlessness, if it is left untreated. Glaucoma damages your optic nerve. The optic nerve is very essential to our vision, which is oxygenated and circulated regularly by the body. So, when it is pressured, it can damage and lead to complete and permanent loss of sight.  



Latanoprost is the perfect and most widely utilized eye drop, which stops the further development of the intraocular pressure within the eyes. This eye care solution is very effective and best to treat the acute and open angle glaucoma. Always use this eye drop with some proper care.  

Latanoprost simply administer the state of glaucoma and increased pressure inside the eyes. It works by slowly making the drainage of natural fluids away from the eyes. Therefore, it diminishes the raised pressure in the eyes and gives relief from the signs of glaucoma and intraocular hypertension. After all these actions, it prevents the damage of optic nerve and prevents your eyes from loss of sight. Buy 9 PM eye drop to trounce the indications of glaucoma and intraocular hypertension.

Method of administration of eye drop

Before using this eye drop, read the leaflet very carefully. The suggested time of application of this eye drop in the evening time.  

Before using the eye drop, you should clean your eye makeup properly. Wash your hands and eyes. To use the eye solution, tilt your head back and slightly pull down the lower eyelid. Making a pocket size and then instill the eye medication into your eyes. After using the eye drop, shut your eyes for 1 to 2 minutes, so that eye drop can be easily absorbed into your eyes. Blot the excess amount of solution with cotton or tissue paper. To avoid the bacterial contamination, close the cap tightly after the use.

Some common side effects may occur while using the eye drop like severe headache, dizzy sensation and blurred vision, dryness of the eyes, nose congestion and stinging sensation in the eyes.

During the administration of eye drop, you should pursue some precautions:

  • Never apply this eye drop, if you are hypersensitive to generic Latanoprost.


  • It is not suggested for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.


  • Remove your contact lens before using the eye drop because this eye drop may decolorizes the actual color of lens.


  • It is not indicated in case of eye infection and eye disorder.


  • Don’t go for driving after using the eye drop because this eye drop may cause the smudge vision.


  • Never use this eye drop, if you had done any eye surgery in the past.


  • It is not safe for pediatric patients under the age of 12 years.


Buy generic Latanoprost online to surmount all the symptoms of glaucoma and prevent your loss of sight.