Women often prefer to speak up to their beau or the spouse when they don't get pleased in the bed whereas a man never talks about the same, instead of complaining he feels like to sleep tight in bed for long …undisturbed by anyone. Less communication about intimacy effects the relationship of the partners which they share with each other, they feel emotionally disconnected and go into needless fights, the unnecessary coitus lacking nights, verbally mute relationship and then tender egos came up in between the relation of the two people. This is how a rift created between the two people who love each other a lot and are the soul mate of each other.


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Recurrent failure of men in bed to attain and hold erection in their penile for long invites the risk of the misunderstanding in between the relation of the two people and there develop a rift in the relation of two people. Their trust gets into questions, the relation in hue and cry due to the root cause of poor intimate performance of the man and his inability to satisfy his woman in bed. The timely care taken for the disorder can safeguard the relation of many couples. Well! It's never too late to make a new start especially when the question is to save the relationship of yours with your lover and Vilitra enfolding Vardenafil is that specific choice that can move your intimate life up on the track.


Vardenafil is that active chemical moiety which when goes into the blood locks the action of enzymes PDE5, which is to break down the molecule of cGMP. Resistance to the function of PDE5 raises the concentration of cGMP inside the corpus cavernous tissues. That later produces a physiological change like dilation of penile blood vessels and relaxation of underneath penile muscles. Because of same a higher rush of bloodstream towards the groin region making the penile stood erect and longer in inches. The effect can only be seen in penile when the men get stimulation for making out the intimate act and release Nitric Oxide.


20, 40 or 60mg dosing of Vilitra need to be taken 45-60 minutes before making out love with a partner. Take this medicine with water either before or after having the food but just do not crush this dosing under your teeth. Medicine lasts its effect in men for long hours till 4-5 hours. Repetition to this dosing before completing 24 hours is not recommended.


Adverse symptoms a man can get on taking the Vilitra dose is stiffness in the back, discomfort in abdomen, pain and shivering in muscles, sore throat, dry mouth & flushing of the face. Caution you should take with Vilitra dosing is needed not to take grapefruit juice, alcoholic beverage, and dosing of nitrates. Avoid the dose if you're hypersensitive to this medicine or patient to arrhythmia and hypertension.

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