Some bacteria, virus and fungi also may cause the infection in your eyes. These types of unwanted harmful materials may affect the conjunctiva of an eye. The conjunctiva is a part of an eye which covers the eyeball and eyelids. The irritation, itching and inflammation of conjunctiva is known as Conjunctivitis. Some other symptoms are also arises in the eyes are itching, irritation, redness, swelling of the eyes. Allergy is mainly caused due to some allergens.

Different classification of Conjunctivitis-

  • Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis: Inflammation is occurs due to the pollen grains of specific plants or trees.
  • Perennial allergic conjunctivitis: Inflammation may cause due to dust, mist, molds and other indoor allergens.

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Vigamox eye drop is an effective and highly demanded in the treatment of eye infection known as conjunctivitis. This type of infection is caused by the bacteria. Vigamox is a Fluroquinolone Antibiotic which kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria by stop the synthesis of protein desired by the bacteria. This infection is very normal to the every person. Generic Fluroquinolone is available in under different brands like Moxifloxacin, Avelox, Avelon, Avalox and Vigamox. Vigamox eye solution mainly contains generic Moxifloxacin hydrochloride as a main active ingredient. It also comprises of purified water, boric acid and sodium chloride. This eye drop is also used for other eye conditions like redness of the eyes, watery eyes, swelling of eyelids.


Vigamox eye drop is administered by following manners-

  • Properly clean your eyes before using the eye drop.
  • Carefully remove the cap of eye drop and don’t touch the tip of eye drop.
  • Slightly tilt your hands and look upward.
  • Put one drop of eye medication into your eyes.
  • Same procedure is repeated with the other eye.
  • Close your eyes at least for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Don’t rub your eyes.

The Vigamox eye drop is to be utilized by the patient twice in a day in the affected eye. One drop is sufficient for one time. Yet it is a safe and effective eye medicine, but in any case you feel allergic reactions then do not make use of this eye drop.


Some common side effects may occur after using this eye drop are itching, irritation, stinging, dryness, redness and tearing of the eyes.

Be watchful while instilling the eye drops-

  • Remove your contact lens before instilling the eye drops. You can use it again after 15 minutes.
  • In case you have to two or more eye drops, then it is better to have the gap of fifteen minutes between them.  
  • If you are hypersensitive to generic Fluoroquinolones, so avoid the use of this eye drop.
  • This eye drop is not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
  • Properly rinse your hands before utilizing the eye drop.
  • It is only for eyes use. It is not to be meant for injection and oral use.
  • Driving should be avoided because this eye drop may cause a blurred vision.
  • This eye drop is not given to pediatric patients.
  • Don’t use any other eye drop while using this eye drop.
  • Keep this eye drop away from the reach of sunlight and heat.


You can buy Vigamox eye drop for the treatment of the conjunctivitis.