Everybody wants a life without pain. When we suffer from any type of pain, it is like we are live in hell. Everyone wants to get rid of pain as soon as possible. The pain of a short time does not cause any difficulty for men but it becomes severe or it become chronic, it completely destroys the life of individuals. It is because nobody can do their work with pain because any kind of pain is very irritating.

Pain may be caused due to physical injury, muscle damage, strain and sprain of the muscles. Pain is the most horrible feeling which is mostly happened due to any physical injury and damaging of stimulus. We feel pain when something occurs to our body like a sensation of stinging, burning, cutting, hitting, accidents and trauma.

So, it is really important to treat the pain at right time with proper treatment. If you ignore the acute pain, after sometimes it will converted into a severe pain and it also cause a condition of distress and anxiety. Tramjet 200mg is one of the best and effective options of painkiller, which is used by millions of people. You can buy Tramjet online from a renowned online drug store.

Generic Tramadol hydrochloride is a foremost vibrant agent found in this drug. This drug is utilized for the administration of moderate to severe pain. Apart from this, it is also indicated for the treatment of post operative pain, surgery pain and some other painful conditions like arthritis, cancer and osteoporosis.

Tramadol hydrochloride works by reducing the synthesis of prostaglandin in the body. Prostaglandin is a hormone which is mainly responsible for the occurrence of pain. It also works on the receptors which is responsible to carry the pain impulses. Hence, it assists to provide the relief from the moderate to rigorous pain. This medicine is approved by an FDA and is proven as a best, effective and safest painkiller as compared to other painkiller.

Tramjet 100mg is an extended release tablet. It ought to be taken with a glass of water. The preliminary dose of this drug is 25mg. You have to take 4 tablets of this drug in a gap of 4 to 6 hours. Never crush, chew or smash the tablet underneath your teeth. It can be brought with or without meals. If you forget to take a dose of this drug, take it as soon as you recall but if it is the time near to the next dose, then leave the missed dose and follow the next regular dosing schedule. But never get the two tablets of this drug at a same time; otherwise you may suffer from overdose of this drug.

You may experience some temporary side effects during the therapy of medication like feeling of drowsiness, severe headache, indistinct vision, diarrhea, feeling of nausea and stomach upset. Consult your doctor, if you have some allergic symptoms like chest pain, skin rashes and shortness of breath.

Safety information

  • Tramjet should be avoided in those patients who are hypersensitive to generic Tramadol.
  • Avoid the intake of any other drug which contains generic Tramadol.
  • Pregnant and lactating moms should not take this painkiller.
  • Do not give this drug to those children who are under the age of 12 years.
  • Don’t use this drug for long period of time because it is a habit causing tablet.
  • Intake of sleeping pills, any other narcotic drug or alcohol is strictly prohibited along with this drug.