Wanted to make love to your spouse exactly the way you dreamed. She too gave the hint and was ready to be all yours that night. You began the intimacy session by making her uncontrollable by kissing passionately and touching her sensitive body parts. She was in full mood to end up with the peak point of their intimacy session and you too wanted to complete all your fantasies. However, your erection becomes the barrier as it falls down before you could complete the intimacy act. She was left disappointed and you were left full of shame. That incident of erection failure has given birth to the fear of being intimate with your partner in the future life. Is this story somewhat matching with your ones? If yes then read further to get the solution and free yourself from erection failure that is becoming your sensual hindrance. Do not let your loose erection ruin your sensual life. Suhagra medicine helps you to get rid off from you falling erection that falls without completing the sensual performance.

Suhagra is the promising medicine that has demonstrated its use in treating erection dysfunction in males. The male who face difficulty in holding his erection during his intimacy activities; Suhagra is the best-prescribed drug to be used. This medication provides male enough pressure to attain the desired erection for a longer time and satisfy his ladylove. Suhagra medicine helps a male to make his love happy and satisfied physically in the bed.

Sildenafil Citrate is the active component of Suhagra, which is supposed to act by blocking the activity of the enzyme PDE5. This enzyme is responsible for the decomposition of cGMP that decreases the blood flow towards the male penile region. Suhagra by blocking the activity of PDE5 increases the concentration of cGMP in the males, further resulting in increased flow of blood towards the male reproductive system. The enhanced blood flow gives a boost in the pressure to the penile and helps him to attain a sturdy and firm erection for longer.

The easily available dosing strength of Suhagra is 100 mg

To get the assured erection with the use of Suhagra, a male is to take a single pill of Suhagra 100 mg orally with a huge amount of water. A single tablet is to be used in a single day as the effect of the single dose remains for about 5 to 6 hours. The intake of Suhagra is effective when taken 60 minutes before planning to enjoy the sensual moment with his spouse. Engulfing the medicine with food or without food, do not affect the therapeutic effect of the drug but in the case of food with fat or extra oil may decline the absorption.

Be Attentive while using Suhagra

  • The person using Suhagra medicine should maintain a distance from alcoholic beverages and grapefruit juices.
  • The adolescents below the age of 18 years should not put in use Suhagra for an erection problem.
  • Fatty meals and oily foodstuffs decrease the absorption of Suhagra medicine, so avoid their intake.
  • Any male having any kind of penile deformity, liver dysfunction or kidney impairment should not rely on Suhagra drug.
  • Dizziness or sleepiness can occur due to this medicine, so care must be taken while doing concentrating tasks.
  • Using any other erection treating medicine along with Suhagra can cause harmful effects to the male body.

Most of the males using Suhagra medicine observed some temporary ill effects including blurred vision, painful erection, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, headache, muscle pain, stomach discomfort, swelling of hands and feet.

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