Erectile dysfunction is a situation which might arise in any individual’s life at any moment.  Erectile dysfunction could easily dissipate into any one’s life without any warning. Just be consciously aware about what is happening around you. Those who are consciously aware would be able to know the psychological facts which could further worsen the condition. There is a thought for each and every day  of our life and a small stress or  little pressure could change the scene totally .   There are lots of psychological conditions which has outcome as anxiety and depression which ultimately lead to dysfunctioning. 


Erectile dysfunctioning

Erectile dysfunctioning is the inability of an individual to sustain the erectness to certain level so as to perform sexual activity with great ease. . There are many thoughts which goes round the clock but all will not affect the true performance of an individual. When these thoughts starts affecting the performance on continuous basis   it could be termed as erectile dysfunctioning. The reason could be is either physical or psychological in nature.

Erectile dysfunction

If you are not doing regular exercise, have lost extra weight and take too much of alcohol you are bound to have erectile dysfunctioning.

There is some diseased condition which causes erectile dysfunctioning and it could be due to disease like atherosclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer disease.

If we enlist all the disease which causes erectile dysfunctioning it some way or other is affecting the nervous system or the brain.

High blood pressure and high cholesterol content is another cause of erectile dysfunctioning.

The young age ambition

The young teenager could be responsible for erectile dysfunction because of his lifestyle and even his ambition drive.  Most of teenage need a girlfriend and also prove their self worth . The major reason which is responsible to stop erection includes physical problem, psychological problems and problems that are caused by medication.


Erectile Dysfunction at different stages of life

There can be different causes of erectile dysfunctions at different stages of life.

Young men: Anxiety has become a major cause due to performance factor. Most of the teens love to convert that physical drive which is missing in them, which somewhere or other gets affected due to performance at the back of their mind.

Middle aged men: in middle aged men the major cause is stress and anxiety at different levels. Middle aged men are generally family people and they generally have career stress and stress to fulfill the desire.

Older Men:  those who have passed 65 years of their life are considered as senior members of the society and they already have weak erectile muscles which is not helping them to get the desired erectness.

Adverse event occurrence

Before you start taking Tadaga you have caution which needs to be followed  

  1. Any disease which is related to heart should be discussed with the doctor.
  2. If the erection has surpassed the stage of four hours, it should be reported to the doctor.
  3. Controlling excessive intake of alcohol is going to affect the erection process  
  4. There are cases where there is loss of vision reported so stop using Tadaga at such a time.