Long, thick and dark eyelashes not only protect your eyes from entering any dust or foreign material but these makes your look more appealing. Long lashes make the person more involved into your eyes because of the improved beauty of your appeal. Some people are blessed with such striking lashes and they do just need a little care, while some have to use some external help for making their short lashes to be lengthy and darker.

In addition to care with proper face washing, using moisturizer to lashes, avoiding rubbing of lashes, you can use an efficient remedy called Careprost eye drop. This ophthalmic solution is liable for making your eyelashes dark, long and thick with an ease. The person who will be looking into your eyes is affianced in them with such noticeable beauty of lashes.

Careprost Ophthalmic Solution is an ophthalmic remedy for the conditions of Hypotrichosis or Madarosis of eyelashes, which is described with short and insufficient eyelashes. The increased pressure inside the eyes called glaucoma was the only condition earlier to be treated using Careprost eye drop but later with an FDA approval, people have used this solution worldwide for making their eyelashes long, thick and dark. Bimatoprost is the generic moiety of Careprost eye drop, which is an analog of prostaglandin and helps to keep the hair follicles more in anagen (growth) phase and reducing the duration of telogen (resting) phase. This helps the hair to stay longer during hair growth that makes your inadequate eyelashes longer, darker and thicker.

Use of Careprost eye drop involves the application of one drop of it at evening time for once daily. You will get an applicator with the product or you can take the help of any clean and dry eyeliner brush to use. You need to place a drop of Careprost at the brush tip and have to apply it like eyeliner at the margin of the upper lash line. When you close the eyes, it meets the lower one so no need to apply at the lower lash line.

Wipe the excess of liquid with a tissue in order to prevent unwanted growth of hair. Apply Careprost eye drop regularly for 12-16weeks to gain notice within 8weeks. Do not use the solution for more than suggested, else overdose can worsen the eye condition. You should not use Careprost eye drop if you have any other ophthalmic condition also.

When you are using Careprost eye drop, you may notice some brief adverse effects of iris pigmentation, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, irritation or itching in eyes, a mild sense of burning at the applied area, or sensitivity increased to light. Therefore, it should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Children and geriatric people should also avoid the use of Careprost eye drop.

Consider the following safety precautions while using Careprost eye drop-

  • If you are susceptible to any ingredient of Careprost then do not use this eye drop.
  • Before applying Careprost eye drop, make sure you have removed makeup and contact lenses.
  • Maintain a break of 15minutes after using Careprost eye drop if you needed to reinsert the lenses.  
  • Consult an ophthalmologist before using Careprost eye drop if you are using any other medication.
  • Bottle tip contact should be prevented with eyes or any other surface else, it can lead to drug contamination.

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