In today’s era, many chronic diseases are inevitable;people blame it on lessened immunity or environmental pollution, sanitary lifestyle choices, genetic predisposition. People are prone to numerous health issues. The most common problems faced by men in today’ world is erectile dysfunction. The erectile dysfunction is just a situation which stops the man from enjoying sexual session. In this problem man fails to maintain a hard and stiff erection during sensual session and results into the unsatisfied sex.

Cenforce is an oral medicament which is used rampantly by man to treat the problem of erection.Sildenafil citrate is being the energetic portion of Cenforce which comes under the group of medications known as PDE 5 inhibitor.

A Man who suffered from the problem of erection lives a very difficult life, as this disease forced him to feel less like a man and loss his virility. The devastating impact of this disease it totally the same on the female partner. But the most saddest thing is that instead of so many effective medication availability most of man left untreated, because as it is a sex related concern, so being the private thing of the life, man feel embarrassed to have words on it .This is the major cause why man still become untreated. So, to change the life from the impotency to potency man ought to have discussion with their partner or physician and get the effective and everlasting solution.

Cenforce is a most revered drug for the erotic disability. Theerection in man is a complex process which involvesbrain,nerve,blood vessel and enzyme. The men experience erection when the chamber corpora cavernous of the penile region filled with blood. Cenforce just enhances the flow of the blood into the penile region and bring a long lasting erection just in few minutes. So, Cenforce is a most effective and ideal solution for the erotic disability and helps to have a blissful sexual life.

Before thinking to take this drug for your problem, check is it ideal for you or not. Don’t take it at any cost in case of having any kind of allergy to sildenafil or any of its ingredients. Sex activity puts pressure on the heart, so don’t take it in case of having any heart disease or history of stroke. The intake of dose is of great significant for the people with liver, kidney disease. The safety and efficacy of this drug is not known in adolescent.


Dosage and administration

Cenforce 200mg comes in a solid dosage form as tablet. Man ought to take this tablet just 30 minutes prior of involving into the sensual session with a glass of water. The dynamic impact of this drug last for 4 hours, so a man can enjoy the pleasure of sex as long as he wants. The fatty diet has a significant impact on the absorption of the drug; man suggested avoiding the intake of fat rich diet while taking this drug, so that they can enjoy a sensual session as per the time frame. Cenforce according to the physical and illness condition of the man come in a dose of 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg.

Individual may less likely experience some undesired side effects like nausea, vomiting, skin rash, swelling on the mouth, lips, blurred vision and abnormal hearing.


  • Avoid driving and intake of alcohol.
  • Don’t take nitrate based drug such as nitroglycerin for angina pectoris.
  • Don’t take more than one tablet in a day at any cost.
  • While taking Cenforce, don’t take other drug belongs to PDE 5 inhibitor.

Cenforce 200mg or sildenafil citrate brings a life phase change from impotency to potency. You can buy Cenforce online at a lowest price at your doorway.