The quality of love making you believe it or not depends on the capabilities of your erection. Those men who can easily attain erection and keep it going while make out are blessed. For the reason that not all can achieve erection whenever they like.  Many times, males go limp all of sudden even while performing intercourse.  It gives a mutual feeling of dissatisfaction amongst both the partners. The inability to attain erection points towards the health problem of erectile dysfunction. The Cenforce 50 mg is the best Male Performance Pill to fight the erectile barriers. This pill has been well recognised for its therapeutic capabilities to let you enjoy a power packed love making hours.

Cenforce for Better Sex and Longer Lasting Erection

You can regain your virility by its use before you plan to make out. The basic reason behind the erection loss is that lack of appropriate amount blood to reach the male reproductive region. Since its Generic is Sildenafil Citrate that boost the heart rate to pump more blood towards the male penile region. It is an efficient PDE-5 inhibitor (Phosphodiesterase) which makes the cGMP enzyme degradation near male reproductive region. In return of this response smooth muscle relaxation occurs. Ultimately you attain fuller and firmer erection in minimum time. It is a complication free pill due to which it has become the favourite medication of males to enjoy a lasting love making session. Men generally have this pill secretly hour before the make out. It onset of action begins only within 30-45 minutes. You can plan to have intercourse after having this pill.  This pill is taken orally. You can take it with water. Make sure to avoid intake of heavy fat rich food products as it can slower the onset action.

The Cenforce action is sustained up to 4-5 hours during which you can enjoy with your partner. However remember to only take single pill for a period of 24 hours. Its overdosing can result into bad side effects. Some of the frequently observed side effects of the Cenforce are vomiting, nausea, heavy heart beat, painful erection, dizziness, blurred vision and facial flushing. Take immediate medical attention if the side effects do not go.  

For Superior Intimacy Session follow Underlined precautions for safe use of Cenforce

  • Always follow the prescription of your doctor to carefully.
  • Remember not to have alcohol after the medication.
  • Do not have fatty food with the Cenforce
  • If you are sensitive to Sildenafil Citrate the do not take this pill
  • Avoid over dosing
  • Do not take grape fruit juice and its juices

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