Sensual pleasure is an essential requirement of healthy sexual life. Sensual pleasure very much depends on the time of intimacy. From time to time man faces the trouble of premature ejaculation, which results in the sensual disappointment. It is a condition  in which there is an unrestrained ejaculation occurs either before or after sensual penetration before the one's desire with nominal stimulation and due to this problem both the cohorts cannot get the sensual satisfaction and it results in disappointing sensual experience. It creates lots of nervousness and humiliation. It is a dysfunction, which probably affects every man at some point in his life.

Does premature Ejaculation matter?

In most of the cases, Premature Ejaculation does really matter since it makes men depressing and irritated, and in severe cases, PE can terrorize or even ruin a relationship. This can be upsetting for a man's self-confidence and it can be enormously annoying and aggravating for his partner too especially if she wants to get pregnant.

It is not a big concern to heal premature ejaculation, as there are a variety of methods reachable these days to enhance the joyful time. Some of them include self-treatment, psychiatric therapy, and several medications such as Climax spray.

Climax spray comes under the local anesthesia, which encloses Lidocaine as the main working component for the cure of Premature Ejaculation. Lidocaine shows its working by restraining the diffusion of a nerve impulse from the brain to the genital organ. This valuable method of this medicine helps to anesthetize the area and thus offers a sensation of pleasing intimacy course.

Climax spray is commercially accessible into the dose strength of 10% Lidocaine. Each spray delivers 5 mg of Lidocaine. For effectual results, use the climax spray in an appropriate manner. Before using the spray, wash out the penile area properly. Use the climax spray 15 minutes former to intercourse, as medicament works only when you are in aroused state. Shake the bottle before use, and press the canister nozzle and apply four sprays to the genital shaft and particularly around the penile head. Use a finger to dispense the lotion consistently and wait for it to dry before starting intercourse. The maximum dose not goes beyond 10 sprays in one day.

While using climax spray man may experience some undesired side effects, which include a headache, nervousness, rashes, itching, and the sensation of heat, dizziness, drowsiness, and confusion.

Be Alert!

  • The men can use the climax spray if they are not allergic to the Lidocaine present in the medicament.
  • The use of Climax spray is contrary if suffering from the issue of liver, kidney and blood disorder.
  • Avoid utilization of grapefruit juices and high fatty food while relying on climax spray.
  • Do not take nitrate derivative while relying on treatment with climax spray.
  • Do not use climax spray if the doctor put restrictions on intimacy due to cardiovascular disorder.
  • Climax spray makes you feel dizzy and drowsy, so avoid driving after applying climax spray.

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