Schooling is the best time to gain some experience and discovering our hidden talent, skills, abilities, and capacities but that time Tim was busy discovering her love. Tim was the only child from her parent’s relationship and now she has to share her half a year with mother and stepdad and another half with father & stepmom. Tim parents were forcedly married to each other by their families due to the grandparent’s friendship burden. They both gave their best to support each other in a relationship but they failed to be a lover but still, they both share a very sweet bond of friendship. Tim parents are now well settled with each other love but the one who is suffering from their divorce is Tim.

Tim has no definite house, no definite room, and no definite family with which she can share her thoughts, emotions and sad-happy moments. Though Tim has now 4 guardians who are looking after her no one is closer to her heart except one……Rony! (her beau in high school). Tim is in one-sided love with Rony whereas Rony is attracted to Tim because of her beauty and what he admires the most in Tim is her long golden hairs. It was Rony who first visited Tim and expressed his love…but do really it was a love or was just a desperation to get into a physical relationship with a beautiful girl.

Alas! Tim finally figured out that it was only the desperation of Rony for her which has left her pregnant with 5 weeks. Tim asked her doctor who was no other but her mom about who to get rid of this pregnancy and has taken up the course of RU486 pills. This is the most selling brand under Abortion pill who has given many women a new life, to begin with. Generic ingredient to this brand is Mifepristone.

  • This pack contains 3 pills of Mifepristone, 200mg which you have to swallow with a glass full of water on an empty stomach.
  • Within few hours woman may observe bleeding from vagina like menstruation but the difference would be the intense abdominal cramps and the chunks of blood passing through the menstrual bleeding
  • A woman may bleed for about a week or two later taking abortion pills but after 2 days you have to visit the clinic for an ultrasound and confirm no debris is left behind in the uterus
  • If reports some debris then it’s become important to put Misoprostol pills in the vagina to elude the remnants out from women uterus

Pharmacological route Mifepristone follows to shatter pregnancy is blocking the Progesterone hormone action by forming the endometrial lining and supplying of nutrition and oxygen to the developing fetus. In absence of vital needs of pregnancy growth pregnancy gets shuts down. Misoprostol on another dilates the cervical opening and initiates contraction in the uterus to drain out unwanted pregnancy.

Malicious effects of RU486 pills are stiff back, abdominal cramp, sore throat, chest stiffness, diarrhea, muscle tremors and weakness, heavy menstrual flow, cold feet, and fever.

Cautions one can follow with RU486 pills therapy are like avoiding strenuous activities and lifting heavy weights. Avoid food that consumes a lot of time to digest else the medicine might delay the absorption and delays the effect too. Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages strictly need to be avoided with RU486. Never take the medicine if you have an ectopic pregnancy.

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