Our eyes are vitally critical to us. We totally depend on them to watch our surroundings as well as color differentiation. The eyes are an extremely very sensitive and essential part of the human body. When they work properly, they provide you proper vision and a blessing value in any occasion.

In some cases, there are different types of eye disorder like glaucoma, intraocular hypertension and hypotrichosis can influence your proper vision. These all eye disorder can damage your loss of vision. Glaucoma is an eye disorder in which optic nerve of an eye is damaged due to elevated pressure inside the eye. Damaged optic nerve leads to the permanent loss of vision. Glaucoma is a primary cause of loss of sight. Hypotrichosis is a condition in which eyelashes of human eye become too short or small.    

Now, don’t be anxious about any eye problem because we have a wonderful solution for eyes. Medical science discovered a new Latim eye drop eye care medicine. By the use of Latim eye drop you can easily manage all the eye problems like itching, irritation and redness of the eyes.

Medical methodology for glaucoma

Latim eye solution is utilized for the treatment of certain types of glaucoma. Latanoprost with Timolol is the primary energetic components available in this eye drop. Latanoprost is classified under the class of prostaglandin F-2 alpha. Latanoprost mainly utilized to upgrade the length, color and darkness of eyelashes. Timolol is the beta blocker and it declines the elevated pressure inside the eye. You can easily buy Latim eye drop from our drug store.  

Method of administration of eye drop

In case of glaucoma- Wash your hands and eyes before using the eye drop. Remove your contact lens before using this eye medication. Slightly tilt your head back and permit 1 drop of eye medication in your eyes. Keep your eyes close at least for 2 to 3 minutes. Don’t use this eye drop, if you have any type of eye infection and eye irritation.

In case of hypotrichosis (adequate eyelashes) - Rinse your eyes and hands properly. Put a 1 drop of eye medication on sterile applicator or brush and apply along the edge of the upper eyelids. It should be always use in the evening time. Don’t apply or touch on to the lower eyelid and other body parts as it can lead to unwanted hair growth. You can easily get long, thick and dark eyelashes within a few weeks.   

Some adverse effects may occur while using this eye drop like irritation in the eyes, eye pain, and conjunctivitis, inflammation of the cornea and inflammation of the eyes.   

A few safeguards ought to be taken after or before using eye drop-

  • If you are oversensitive to generic Latanoprost and Timolol so, don’t use this eye drop.
  • Always follow the direction which is given on the leaflet of eye drop.
  • Never touch the tip of eye drop.
  • If you are a contact lens user, so use this eye drop with some cautions.
  • Don’t use any other eye drop which belongs to the category of eye drop.
  • Diabetic patients should not use this eye drop.
  • Driving should be avoided after using this eye drop, because it may cause unclear vision.
  • It should not be given to kids under the age of 12 years.
  • Keep this eye drop in a cool, dry and hygienic condition.
  • It should be always put in outer carton to prevent from heat and extreme sunlight.

Buy Latim eye drop online to have longer eyelashes and prevent your loss of vision.