Most men suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in their old age. However, today, many face problems in their younger age; this is only due to work stress, or tension. Men want to have intimacy but their erection problem is not allowing them to have so. This makes them more furious and stressed up. Their behavior gets irritated and they become angrier.

Sensual intimacy is the art to gratify both your partner as well as yourself. This also involves lots of physical activity but only for pleasure. All of us have this inborn art but some fail due to impotency. This word "IMPOTENCY" is the biggest term that refers to both sensual problems in men as well as women. In men, it is seen as erection default that is a lack of erection or premature ejaculation. You cannot judge exactly the reason behind your problem but you can have faith on Super Vilitra. This medicine works in both cases so as to bring erection on time. With this, you could be able to achieve your goals on perfect timing. You could be able to have long lasting and passionate sensual activity. Vilitra will keep up your erection for a longer duration, thus you can enjoy every passionate move without any interruption.

In below blog have a look what role does this combination drug plays inside

Active ingredients…………………………Vardenafil, Dapoxetine

Strength of each ingredient………….Vardenafil 20 mg, Dapoxetine 60 mg

First, look through the functioning of Vardenafil and Dapoxetine

This medicine belongs to a PDE5 category. This phosphodiesterase enzyme brings about the disruption of cGMP. Less amount of cGMP causes no vasodilation and poor erection. To accelerate the amount, use Super Vilitra, which after ceasing activity of PDE5 heightens cGMP in genitals. This quickens the blood circulation leading to speedy blood movement through penile vessels. Thus, you can get an erection easily in certain time.

The other ingredient named as Dapoxetine functions by restricting the activity of Serotonin transporter, thus boosting up serotonin's action at post synaptic cleft, promoting ejaculatory delay. This Super Vilitra works for two erection disorders.

Dose and Direction how to use

It has two combinations in a single tablet. Use it before 60 minutes of sensual intimacy. The action happens for about a duration of 4-6 hours and the action begins within 30 minutes timings.  


  • After taking drug, have sensual stimulation to bring the effect of medicine
  • Use it via an oral route only

Some contraindications that one should keep in mind are as mentioned below:

A person should not use if:

  • His age is coming below the 18 years
  • He is suffering from any allergic problems with this medicine
  • He is taking nitrate containing drugs or poppers

One must follow some safety tips such as

  • It is advised to shun grapefruit juices as these only worsen your effects.
  • In the case of painful or longer erection, tell your doctor.
  • Dizziness can happen so be away from work that is hard or too tough.
  • Never use another ED medication, if on Super Vilitra treatment.
  • Use very carefully by elder patients.

Some aftermaths that one might observe with Super Vilitra usage are body pain, muscle ache, stomach upset, dizziness, painful erection, flushing, racing heartbeats, stuffy nose, runny nose, and heartburn.


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