Are you feeling you are losing the intimacy and wrecking your sensual relationship? Are you avoiding getting physical? The possible cause can be due to the certain reasons but of course, a deliberate reason is an impotency, yes!! The causal reason behind getting devoid of the intimacy and closeness of a couple, Impotency is a major cause of the dispute.

One not able to have confident mating as this intimacy is something more than physical; this intimacy would boost not only the sensual relationship but the bonding between couples for happy communion.

If you are lacking your bonding and avoiding each other to face, the male would be worry about his vitality strength, losing her partner and worrying she might not start liking anyone else. One should maintain whole balance in 5 senses like Physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual level.

This impotency is in men due to certain reasons here are some facts what brings the Impotency to men.

According to a report this Impotency is seen in male aging above 35 and more are prone to this as they are suffering due to the medical condition caused due to:

  • Diabetic condition,
  • Losing androgenic hormone or losing testosterone level in the body.
  • Cardiovascular disorder or decreased blood supply due to atherosclerosis.

The male suffering erectile problem in young age is due to nervousness and anxiety of performance.

Erection and physical intimacy are so much related to a brain, if you love someone your desires make you feel would be seen in your pants. Well if you are not able to cope up with your anxiety of performance or you are suffering from soft erection then here is a help to you a very potent medication served under the name called SUHAGRA.

Suhagra 100 mg is a tablet formulation that is a PDE-5 selective inhibitor. The drug helps in increasing the blood supply in the required region. Suhagra is widely prescribed medication for the erectile problem; its chief ingredient is Sildenafil citrate. Tablets are served in various dose strengths that can are served according to user compliance the initial dose starts with 25mg 50mg and 100mg.

You must be wondering why you are losing the erection and how is this Suhagra helping you in what way?

Erectile disorder in men caused due to various reasons and you can beat it with the aid of addition of some lifestyle changes and confidence. If one is having lots of alcohol and smoking this will result in narrowing of blood vessels. One should go for physical exercise and this will increase the blood supply and strengthen the abdominal muscles and there is saying "use it or lose it". One should utilize the muscles improve the strength in you thigh and legs to increase the genital strength and sperm levels. Rest the medical state will be controlled by the Suhagra having generic Sildenafil citrate.

The drug will save you from the embarrassment as it will increase the blood supply by stopping the PDE-5 enzyme that decreases the Nitric oxide level and thus cGMP level were decreased. Suhagra will increase the NO level in the genital region and one may achieve smooth muscle relaxation and blood vessels are dilated and hence one will attain increased blood supply.

How to take Suhagra tablet: a guide for Suhagra intake.

A tablet of Suhagra should be taken orally with water. One should take this pill around 40 minutes before planned intercourse. One can have the medication over a meal but it is preferable to administer it over the empty stomach. The user should avoid intake of fatty oily food while you are about to take any PDE-5 selective medication. A single tablet is enough and you should not take more than one tablet in a day. One tablet is sufficient to impart you firm erection for about 2 to 3 hours.

The drug may show some unintended effects like it may alter the vision and bring you gastric disturbance with nausea like feeling. Still with a confident erection, such lousy experience can be compromised. Suhagra will get you a stunning erection. Buy Suhagra online at best price offered and vivify your sinking relationship as the drug will impart you a confident erection and increased erection with size and girth to the genital so one will automatically have boosted confidence to have a satisfying intimate session.