Nowadays we hear many voices against abortion but those who support abortion give "n" reasons in support to this. Girls of adolescent age especially those who have just passed out their high schools are very obsessed to make sensuality as they want to get the pleasure of the bodily relation and are very freak to share the experience of the same with friends.


Girls who usually do not get the chance to relish intimacy in their school time become desperate to have it in the college time. Girls who find their love mates after a long wait become wild when they are in bed and are surveyed to be possessive. Boys or men sometimes misuse this weakness of girls in a wrong way and compel girls for doing some weird things and sometimes to accomplish the need of boys some girls go beyond their limits latter becomes the reason of their unwanted conception or say accidental, unscheduled and unenviable pregnancy.


Girls who go to school are not fully matured physically or psychologically to hold a pregnancy and take responsibility for the care of the newborn child.  Boys also tend to ditch them and run away from the situation.  Therefore, in such case, most girls prefer to abort their unwanted and accidental pregnancy that they usually came to know when they miss out their menstruation so to abort the pregnancy of the week 7-9 weeks MTP Kit works awesome.  


The kit is the combinational pack of the two generic medications known as MIFEPRISTONE, 200mg, 1 tablet & MISOPROSTOL, 200mcg, 4 pills. Women who want to abort their unwanted fetus have to take the dose of Mifepristone orally with colossal water on an empty stomach in the morning time. Then has to wait for the lapse of 48 hours before consuming 4 pills of Misoprostol either sublingually or putting pills deep inside the vagina. Now, women have to take the lag of 14 days before visiting the physician to confirm the successful termination and evacuation of the uterus.


The mechanism by which the Mifepristone works is inhibiting the surge of progesterone hormone that is the vital need for the growth and the development of the pregnancy and sheds the endometrial lining to which the fetus attach to take nutrition so due to the deprivation of the nutrition the fetus soon turns to debris. Misoprostol on other stimulates the strong contractile movements inside the uterus to disconnect the fetus from the uterus and thus evacuate the dead fetal contents out of the uterus in form of vaginal bleeding.


Some strict suggestions to MTP Kit user is that keep out from the abuse of alcohol, tobacco smoke, junkie and foods that are greasy or oily. Women must not get into sensual activities and must take out their IUD from the vaginal opening prior placing the pills into the vagina. Doing strenuous physical exercise is not encouraged with this medication.


Side effects that might develop discomfort in the patients are flushing, pain in the abdomen, intense vaginal bleeding, trembling in muscles, fever, weakness, headache, queasiness, stiffness in the back, and fastening of breath.


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