Penile failure at the time of sexual mating is a very common issue among the male population. This type of issue affects almost every man at the time of 40 to 60 years of age, but if continues for long period of time then, it may termed as erectile dysfunction. ED is a condition in which a man suffers lots of difficulty in maintaining an erection at the time of intimacy meeting.

This penile failure complication affects the happy and healthy sexual life of both partners. Due to penile failure, loose erection or soft erection, a man fails to satisfy his partner. Due to this failure of intimacy session, a man always feel embarrass, shy, gilt and blame himself for the disappointment of her partner. Now stop blaming yourself and get the Suhagra 100 and effectively solve all the erectile disorders. You can easily manage the erectile dysfunction with the help of newly discovered Suhagra, it is a most wonderful and effective medicine for ED.

Some general factors which affect the penile erection-

  • If you have no interest in sexual activity, then it may lead to penile failure.
  • High level of cholesterol may cause the risk of erectile failure.
  • Obesity is a main reason of ED.
  • Stress, tension, anxiety and depression may affect the rate of penile failure.

How Suhagra works to treat ED?

Suhagra contains generic Sildenafil as a foremost active constituent. It classified under the category of PDE type-5 inhibitors. It acts as a vasodilator and it utilized to augment the blood flow towards the penile region of men and cause the relaxation of smooth muscles and improve the blood supply to the genital organs of men and cause hard rock like penile erection. During sexual stimulation, nitric oxide is released in the penile district of men and it triggers the synthesis of guanylate cyclase enzyme, this enzyme is responsible for the production of c-GMP chemical and makes the smooth muscle relaxation. By looking theses all benefits of Suhagra, immediately buy Suhagra online and get the utmost satisfaction and contentment while lovemaking acts.   

It is very important to take this medicine in proper amount for the best outcomes. Suhagra is available in different doses like 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg. The standard given dose of Suhagra is 50mg. Engulf the whole pill with a sufficient amount of water. You can take this medicine just prior to 1 hour of sexual mating with your partner. The maximum approved dose of Suhagra is 100mg in a day. It actually works in the presence of sexual stimulation. This drug can be administered with or without foodstuffs. While taking this medical therapy, you should avoid the utilization of fatty meals because fat reduces the efficiency of Sildenafil. Don’t consume the overdose of this medication.

Important safety information

  • If a male patient is allergic to generic Sildenafil then he avoid the consumption of medication.
  • Those patients who are suffering from the issues of kidney and liver disease, they don’t use the drug.
  • This drug is not recommended to teenagers under the age of 18 years.
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages along with this medicine.
  • Avoid the utilization of grapefruit and its juices while taking this drug.
  • This drug is not meant for ladies.
  • Don’t go for driving after the use of this drug because Sildenafil may affect the ability to drive and may cause the feeling of drowsiness.
  • Don’t use any nitrate containing medications along with this drug.

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