Every woman desire to have longer and fuller looking eye lashes. The beauty of eyelashes adds to your overall look. However, not every woman is blessed with the fuller and longer looking eyelashes. Woman tries all sorts of things for longer eye lashes from mascara to false eye lashes. But these are all temporary solutions; if you are looking for something essentially everlasting then Careprost is the right solution. The Careprost Eye drops is an advance preparation to help you gain longer and darker eye lashes.

Careprost eye drops is useful in underlined ways –

  • Helps gain longer looking eyelashes
  • Achieve longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes with Careprost    
  • FDA approved proven formula

Careprost eye drop contains generic Bimatoprost as the main active ingredient. It is highly effective remedy for hazier eyelashes i.e. Hypotrichosis. The Careprost containing generic Bimatoprost can also be utilized for the glaucoma i.e. increased pressure inside the eyes due to raised amount of aqueous humour. It has absolutely nontoxic and safe formula. The medication is FDA approved for the general application. The Working Mechanism of the Careprost Eye drops

  • For the Hypotrichosis treatment- The Generic Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin derivative. It shows its curative action by stimulating the hair follicles of eyelids to make them longer, and darker with 12 weeks of regular use.
  • For glaucoma treatment- The Careprost eye drops helps in diminishing the intra-ocular pressure in the eye. It provides relief to optic nerve of eyes and do not allow it to get damaged.

The medication is quite simple to apply. To apply the eye drops first cleanse and wash your eyes with clean water. Now put a drop of Careprost on a sterile applicator. With the help of applicator draw a thin line starting from the left border of eye lid to the other. No need to apply to the lower eye lid. With the continued application for around 12-14 weeks you will achieve the desired results.

Side effects seen with the use of Careprost

Use Careprost carefully evading side effects on its wrong administration. Some of the obnoxious effects that can occur include misapprehension, itching sensation, excessive white discharge from eyes, conjunctival hyperaemia, augmented sensitivity towards light, sleepiness, annoyance, cold or respiratory problems.

Listed below are some useful tips for the safe use of Careprost Eye Drops

  • Before using Careprost eye drops remove your contact lenses and any eye makeup.
  • The medication is not for the use by nursing and pregnant woman.
  • Anyone below 12 years of age should not be using Careprost eye drops.
  • Only use sterilized applicator to apply this medication.
  • Store the medication in room temperature away from heat and sunlight.
  • Do not use Careprost if you are allergic to generic Bimatoprost.
  • If you have any eye infection, conjunctivitis and undergone any eye surgery then do not use Careprost eye drops.

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