A female beauty andcharm is very important to her. Female beauty is maintained due to her beautiful and attractive eyelashes. Female’s eyes not only express the beauty of external but it also expresses the internal emotions and feelings. Therefore, she always tries to maintain the beauty of her face and eyes with the help of some eye makeup and cosmetic products. Every girl is crazier about the beautiful eyelashes.


Nowadays,girl’s  makeup is not completed without eyeliner, Kajal, eye mascara and eye shadow. They always spend lots of money to purchase the cosmetic products. Many females are using artificial eyelash enhancer to make their look complete. These artificial fibres can be stick to the eyelids with the help of glue or gum. But, the artificial eyelash enhancers are not safe for eyes. At the time of removal of artificial eyelashes glue can cause itching, irritation and redness of eyes. Mascara is another temporary product to enhance your beauty of eyelashes but it is very expensive in cost. If you wantaneverlasting eyelash enhancer, you can buy Careprost eye dropfrom our site at nominal price.


If you want good, lovely, wonderful and gleaming eyelashes, then you can choose the option of Careprost eyelash drop. This eye drop definitely upgrades your thickness, length and darkness of eyelashes. This eye drop is very simple to use and it gives the best and effective result within a few weeks.

Careprost for hypotrichosis and glaucoma

It is an ophthalmic preparation, which is generally meant for the treatment of hypotrichosis and glaucoma. Generic Bimatoprost is a main pharmaceutical ingredient available in this eye drop. Bimatoprost eye solution assists in making the eyelashes more visible by enhancing the colour, length thickness and darkness of eyelashes. Bimatoprost is a natural prostaglandin analogue. Generic Bimatoprost is also utilized for the treatment of glaucoma and declines the elevated pressure within the eyes. Generic Bimatoprost is also available and old under the various brands like Latisse eye drop, Bimat eye drop and Careprost eye drop.


Applying Careprost eye serum to your eyes-

Careprost plus is a synthetic ophthalmic preparation, which helps to enhance the beauty of your eyes and eyelashes. You have to apply this eye drop with some care, if you apply this eye drop on any other portion of the body, then it may cause unwanted hair growth.

  • This eye drop should be applied with the help of sterile applicator or brush.
  • Put a 1 drop on sterile applicator and draw a thin line along the edge of the upper eyelids.
  • Wipe out the extra liquid with a hygienic tissue or cotton.
  • Repeat this same procedure to another eye.
  • Don’t apply this eye drop on the lower eyelids.
  • Close your eyes for few minutes after using the eye drop.

While applying this eye drop, you may suffer some adverse effects like itching, irritation, inflammation and swelling of the eyelids. But these adverse effects are temporary and it remains for some time. In case of temporary adverse effects, don’t stop the application of this eye drop.

Readcarefully theses points

  • Don’t apply this eye drop, if you are hypersensitive to generic Bimatoprost.
  • If you had done any eye surgery in the past, so avoid the use of this eye drop.
  • It is not given to pedeatric patients under the age of 12 years.
  • Remove your contact lens before using the eye drop because this eye drop may decolorizes the actual colour of the lens.
  • This eye drop is not safe for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Now, you can simplydevelop and renovate the prettiness of your eyelashes with the support of Careprost eye drop. Buy Careprost eye dropsfrom our online drug stock at reasonably priced.