A variety of options are available for the glaucoma treatment. These include eye drop, surgery and laser process. All methods are utilized to diminish the increased pressure within the eyes and prevent the damaging of the optic nerve of an eye.

In US, ophthalmic preparations are the first and primary choice of patients for the management of glaucoma. Some people use a combination of eye drop or laser treatment to control the increased pressure inside the eyes. Eye drops are used in controlling the eye pressure and decreased the fluid made by the eyes.

Some ophthalmic preparations for the treatment of glaucoma are categorized into different categories like prostaglandin analogue, beta blockers, carbonic anhydrase and alpha agonist. Moreover, combination of eye drops is also available for the treatment of eye disorder.

Facts on glaucoma-

Glaucoma is a kind of eye disorder, in which the optic nerve of eye injured due to elevated pressure inside the eyeball. It is the second leading cause of loss of sight in individuals. First and major cause of loss of vision is diabetes.

Other risk factors for increasing the symptoms of glaucoma include individual over 40 year’s old, high intraocular pressure (pressure within the eye), myopia (nearsightedness), hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes and a history of eye injury.

Symptoms and complications of glaucoma-

The biggest problem with glaucoma is the lack or deficiency of symptoms; still you can experience the increased pressure inside the eyes. Some individuals may face severe headache, redness of the eyes or indistinct vision. If you don’t get any treatment, the first noticeable symptoms of glaucoma may involve permanent holes in your vision. Lack of administration of glaucoma disorder may cause permanent loss of proper vision.

So, to prevent the condition of loss of vision, glaucoma should be treated on time with effective treatment methods. But, the symptoms related to glaucoma are very less and negligible. There are no specific visible symptoms of glaucoma are available but it develop slowly and influence the accurate vision of the eyes. With the help of glaucoma test, you can easily identify the symptoms of glaucoma and prevent your loss of sight.

Cosopt eye drop- Combination of Dorzolamide and Timolol

Cosopt is basically meant for the glaucoma treatment and it is a mixture of two foremost active components such as Dorzolamide and Timolol. Combination of this eye drop may easily decline the increased pressure within the eyes. Both active medications work together, to draw off the extra fluid outside the eye chamber and hence, reduce the increased pressure inside the eyes.

Action of Dorzolamide-

It basically belongs to the group of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. It actually acts by inhibits the therapeutic actions of those enzymes which cause the increased pressure within the eyes. It is also utilized to diminish the discharge of fluid and suppress the intraocular hypertension. It also prevents the damaging of nerve and prevents the loss of proper sight. It is an FDA affirmed eye care medication specially designed for the treatment of glaucoma.

Action of Timolol-

It classified under the category of beta blockers and it blocks the certain types of chemicals inside the eyes known as adrenaline.  This medication works by decreasing the creation of fluid inside the eyes, thereby lowering the elevated pressure inside the eyes.

How should you use Cosopt eye drop?

The dosing of Cosopt eye drop can be done with some caution. The suggested dose of Cosopt eye drop is one drop in the affected eyes. It should be instilled two times in a day.

Properly wash your eyes and hands before instilling the eye drop. Remove your contact lens before using the eye drop. To prevent the contamination, don’t touch the tip of eye drop with your hands of fingers. Slightly tilt your head back side and instill one drop into the eyes, close your eyes after using the eye drop.

Buy Cosopt eye drop for the early treatment of glaucoma disorder and keep your eyes healthy.