Deficiency or loss of eyelashes is actually a matter of concern for every man and woman. Especially females are crazier for beautiful and gorgeous eyelashes as compared to man. If the female’s eyes are not appear according to her wish, then female take tension. Insufficient or short eyelashes may destroy the beauty and look of the face.

Some main reasons of loss of eyelashes are alopecia (hair loss), rubbing of the eyes, daily pulling or twisting the hairs of eyelashes and due to hereditary factors.


Various natural ways to make the eyes more beautiful-

  • Healthy and nutritious diet is very important for the proper growth of eyelashes. Diet includes citrus fruits like lemon, orange, green leafy vegetables, egg, fish and meat etc.
  • You can apply the castor oil, almond oil and olive oil to get the longer eyelashes.
  • Always apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to your eyelids regularly in the evening time.
  • Green tea is very good for the eyelashes. Mix the green tea leaves in warm water and apply your upper eyelids and it increases the growth of eyelashes.

Artificial methods to make your eyelashes beautiful-

  • You can use mascara to make your eyelashes more beautiful. But always, remember that, mascara contains harmful chemicals, which may damage your natural eyelashes.
  • Some females use artificial eyelashes, it makes the look of eyes wonderful, but artificial eyelashes is somewhat harmful.

Another very popular method is Careprost plus eye drop. This eye drop definitely provides you denser, thicker, healthier and longer eyelashes. Generic Bimatoprost is a foremost active component available in this eye drop.

Double action of Careprost eye drop

Generic Bimatoprost is available in different brands like Bimat eye drop, Latisse eye drop and Careprost eye drop. Bimatoprost is a natural derivative of prostaglandin. This eye drop can easily treat the hypotrichosis condition of the eyes. Deficiency or shortage of eyelashes is known as Hypotrichosis. This eye drop also effectively manages the indications of glaucoma and intraocular pressure within the eyes. Increased pressure inside the eye chamber is known as glaucoma. Bimatoprost acts by diminishing the elevated pressure within the eye and control the glaucoma. Bimatoprost is used to lengthen the growth of eyelashes in proper manner. Buy Bimat eye drop to upgrades the length, colour and thickness of eyelashes.

Method of application

In case of hypotrichosis- Initially, you should apply this eye drop one time in a day. It is always applied at the night-time before going to sleep. The method of application of eye drop in this case is somewhat different than other eye drops. Take a one drop of eye serum on sterile applicator or brush and draw a thin line beside the margin of the upper eyelids. After a few weeks, you see the best results of this eye drop.

In case of glaucoma- It should be applied two times in a day. The method of administration of this eye drop in glaucoma is simple and same as other eye drop. Slightly tilt your head back and pull the lower eyelids and instil one drop of eye medication. Close your eyes at least for few minutes.

Safety precautions

  • If you face any allergic reaction after the application of this eye drop, then quit the use of eye drop.
  • Don’t touch the tip of eye drop with your hands.
  • Wash your hands and eyes with sufficient amount of water.
  • This eye drop is not safe for pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Children under the age of 12 years should not use this eye drop.
  • Don’t use this eye drop, if you have any kind of eye infection and eye surgery.

Buy Careprost eye drop online to make your eyelashes surprising and remarkable.