Distinct, long and thick eyelashes are usually recognized as beauty enhancing tool of a female. Most of the females wish for amazing and prominent eyelashes so that they may look like actress.Silvery eyes are always attractive and most of the females believe it to be a mission impossible.  But now that mission impossible is totally possible. You will learn about a marvelous eyelash enhancing formula in this article. Now you can dress yourself with this amazing formula and impress your better half in just simple steps.

Secret of stunning eyes:     

  • Extraordinary volume of eyelash
  • Perfectly shaped eyes for example, curve of eyelash
  • Glittery eyelashes

Many options are available to enhance the distinction of eyelashes such ascosmetics like mascara, artificial eyelashes, over-the-counter products, and eyelash transplantation.

One such shining example of eyelash enhancer is Careprost Eye Dropscontaining Generic Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost was originally recommended for the treatment of ocular hypertension, but it has been approved for treating hypotrichosis of the eyelashes i.e. loss of hair.Apart from its use in hypotrichosis, Bimatoprost can also be used in the treatment of glaucoma (condition in which pressure inside the eye increases), as this medication lowers prostaglandin levels. If you are using Careprost eyelash growth, you should not use it for lowering your intraocular pressure or treat your glaucoma conditions and vice versa.

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Careprost for eyelash growth in the strength of 0.03% is applied once daily to the upper eyelid margin. It is to be applied using a single-useper-eye sterile brush or applicator available along with it. Careprost for eyelashesincreases the dimensions of the eyelash, including darkness, length and thickness. Be careful while adding this eye drops to the upper eyelid area, do not touch the lower eyelid and keep it away from the surrounding areas around the eye.

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Careprost can do great tricks:

  • This medication carries more favorable safety and tolerability profile i.e. it safely and effectively enhances the growth of upper eyelashes.
  • It makes your eyes more appealing.
  • You can change the look of your eyes to a great extent.
  • Generic Bimatoprost delivers you gloomy and packed lashes; and these lashes draw attention to your eyes and give you a stunning look.

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The most common side effects you come across while using Careprost eye drops may include dizziness, abnormal growth of hair, itching, red congested eyes, irritation or swellingin the eye (pink eye or conjunctivitis) and swelling in the eyelid (blepharitis), an increase in coloring of area around eye (hyper pigmentation), increasedsensitivity to light, visual abnormalities, darkening of eyelash, headache orinfection.

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The most important safety tip you must be aware of when using Careprost eye drops is you must not wear contact lenses while instilling these eye drops. Remove them if you are wearing as soon as you add a single drop of this medication into your eye.Remember to store this eye drop at a room temperature below 30oC in a cool and dry place away from the reach of children and pets.

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