Motherhood; the most special feeling in the world, which almost every womandream of becomes nothing less than a nightmare when the pregnancy is unwanted. That is when a woman contemplates her choices regarding what she can do about her unwanted pregnancy. One method that surfaces up in such difficult times is the eight letter word called abortion.

Abortion: what is it?

Abortion is the deliberate act of ending an unwanted pregnancy before it reaches its full term or the gestational period of 280 days. The abortion is used up to a maximum of 28 weeks.

The controversy surrounding the topic

The practice of ending a pregnancy in the womb has been there since the Egyptian era but until today there is a lot of stigma and shame associated with this process. There are two groups namely ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-choice’ that discourage and support the act of abortion respectively. While ‘pro-lifers’ think it is a sin to end a pregnancy, ‘pro-choicers’ give the explanation that abortion is not a choice but a necessity that is required to prevent any further hassles and resentment in life.

The dire need for abortion in women

Abortion in women is a sensitive topic that includes various sensitive reasons for needing it in the first place. Either the woman is not in the best of her health to carry out a pregnancy or there are any fetal complications. Financial instability is also one of the biggest reasons a woman cannot support her pregnancy. Apart from these reasons, career goals, failure of contraception and unfortunate events could be the reason why women do not want to keep their pregnancy.

MTP Kit for safe abortion at home

Methods of abortion

There are various methods of abortion that allow women to put an end to her pregnancy according to her convenience. The main methods by which an abortion can be completed are surgical and medical methods. Surgical methods include dilation and curettage techniques and suction and aspiration to take out the fetus by invasive methods. The medical methods involve only the use of medications to bring the unwished pregnancy to an end. One such medical method is Abortion pill kit - MTP KIT.

MTP KIT and its role

MTP kit is an exemplary remedy to bring an undesired pregnancy of fewer than 9 weeks to an end. The reason why this Abortifacient is the most admired medication for ending a pregnancy is that it is safe, reliable and economical. It is also widely preferred because it can be used at the privacy of your home. Mifepristone and Misoprostol is the main active ingredient present in this medication.

Modus operandi of MTP kit

Mifepristone is an antagonist of the progesterone hormone that blocks the growth of the fetus in the womb by blocking the activity of this hormone, which is necessary for the continuation of pregnancy. The other agent, Misoprostol works by triggering the strong contractions of the uterus that ultimately expels the fetus out from the womb.

The right way of using MTP kit

There are a total of 5 tablets in a pack of MTP kit, containing one tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) and four tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg each). To end your undesired pregnancy you should take a single tablet of Mifepristone first, via the oral route with water and wait for two days. After waiting for two days take all four tablets of Misoprostol via the oral or vaginal route and wait for 12 days. After waiting for this period take an ultrasonography to confirm your abortion.

Important points to keep in mind with the use of MTP kit

  • Stay away from alcoholic beverages and sedatives while using this medication.
  • Refrain from driving and other strenuous tasks while using this medication.
  • Never use this method in case your pregnancy is ectopic in nature.
  • You are requested to get the IUD removed before using this medication.
  • This medication is not meant to be used by lactating mothers, children, and elderly patients.
  • Anyone below the age of 18 years of age should refrain from using this medication.

Noxious effects of using MTP kit

Noxious effects of using MTP kit are dizziness, drowsiness, pelvic pain, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, heavy vaginal bleeding, stomach upset and diarrhea.

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