Pain is the most undesired feeling that keeps coming. That a person gets bothered with the prevalent condition. Almost all us have had this feeling and we know how distracting it can get when you are working with all the energy to make your life promising, but you have to take days off because you do not feel like continuing. In some cases, we start to take pain lightly or less seriously and keep pushing ourselves, these are the conditions where an acute condition becomes chronic and you aggravate the condition by overworking the muscle.

At one hand, there are people who understand the importance of fitness and despite the energy, they have to put at work, they exercise, hit the gym and try to maintain a fit and active body, while on the other hand there are people who do not work their body at all, a sitting job and activity on their computer system takes most of their time and thus their muscles are less used as they should have been. Both these types of people are susceptible to muscle pain as both over activity and under activity of the body is harmful. Muscle stretch, inflammation, twitching etc can happen anytime and may happen to be the bane of your life.

It is important that you take measures to treat this condition there and then else it may lead to longer bed rest. Pain O Soma 350 mg is the drug you are looking for if you want to treat acute pain.

Pain-O-Soma is the most popular drug for the amazing results in the treatment of acute pain. The drug is used along with rest and physical therapy to treat skeletal muscle condition such as pain and injury. Pain O Soma works by relaxing the muscles and blocking the pain sensation sent from various neurons to the brain. The drug provides instant pain relief and feeling of relaxation to the muscles and thereby improving the quality of life of the patients.

Pain-O-Soma is a brand of Carisoprodol which works as CNS depressants that show both sedative effect and skeletal muscle relaxant effects. The drug does not act on muscles directly, it rather produces its effects by interrupting the neuronal communication within the brain and spinal cord by blocking the nerve impulse traveling from nerve to brain. These further results in sedative effect and alter the pain perception.

Pain O Soma comes in 350mg and 500mg of dosing strength. The initiation of therapy is to be done with 350mg and then you can advance to 500mg if higher effects are required. This pill is to be taken three times a day with water. The maximum dosing limit of Pain O Soma per day is 1400mg, which should not be increased it may increase the side effects. This medicine can be taken on an empty or full stomach.

The most common side effects that are experienced by few of the users of this product are drowsiness, headache, confusion, sore throat, tiredness, nausea, shortness of breath, painful urination, convulsion,  weakness, rashes, itching, swelling, and chest pain.


  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery, while consuming Pain-O-Soma as the medicine has sedating effects.
  • Do not give this medicine to children who are below the age of 18 years.
  • Pain-O-Soma should not be used by lactating or pregnant women without consulting a doctor.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol while you are relying on this therapy.

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