Without any doubt, you can say that longer and darker eyelashes are the most remarkable feature of your eyes and face. It doesn’t matter, what is the color and shape of your eyes. Long and beautiful eyelashes add an intrinsic beauty to the overall personality of a human being. There are various premium and effective brands are available in the market for your eyes. But all are confused to choosing the best one. If you actually want beautiful eyelashes like a celebrity, then you can buy Careprost and upgrade the beauty of your eyes and face.

Eyelashes are the hairs of eyes, which grow on the margin of upper and lower eyelids. Eyelashes mainly work as a highlighter on the eyes. Many ladies use eye makeup and cosmetic products to give the beautiful and attractive look to your eyes. They always use eye liner, kajal, eye shadow and mascara to get the beautiful and pretty eyelashes. Many girls also use false and artificial eyelashes; artificial eyelashes are a hair like fibres which stick to the upper eyelids with the help of glue. But these artificial eyelashes are harmful in nature, at the removal time; they may cause itching, irritation and inflammation of the eyes. Therefore, it is always a best idea to pick a natural eyelash enhancer, Careprost eye drop.

To have impressive and longer eyelashes, there are various natural options are available-

  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet- To maintain the overall health; it is important to eat healthy and nutritious meal which contains green leafy vegetables and fruits. In addition, eat a healthy and balanced diet improves the eyelashes and grows the natural eyelashes.
  • Apply castor oil- You should apply castor oil to your eyelids before going to the bed. Castor oil is best for the skin and your eyelashes.
  • Aloe Vera- Vitamins and natural supplements in Aloe Vera assists in upgrading the color, length and thickness of eyelashes.
  • Petroleum jelly- It regularly applied to your eyelids at night time before going to sleep. Gently massage your eyelids with Vaseline.

Twin action of generic Bimatoprost

Generic Bimatoprost is a main dynamic constituent found in this eye drop. Bimatoprost is an analogue of prostaglandin. It is available in various brands like Latisse eye drop, Bimat eye drop and Careprost eye drop.  This eye drop can easily treat the condition of hypotrichosis of eye. Congenital deficiency of eyelashes is known as hypotrichosis. It is also explained by the deficiency or shortage of eyelashes and in this condition the eyelashes of human eye become too short or tiny. This eye serum upgrades your length, color and thickness of eyelashes. Bimatoprost also play a crucial role in the management of glaucoma and intraocular hypertension.  Bimatoprost reduces the increased pressure within the human eye and prevent the damage of optic nerve of an eye. It helps in the prevention of loss of vision.

Application of Careprost eye drop is quite important to get the best and effective outcomes. Before applying the eye drop, you should remove all the eye makeup and contact lens. Shake well before use. This eye drop is always applied with the help of sterile applicator or brush. Put a one drop of eye medication on sterile applicator and draw a thin line along the margin of upper eyelids. Avoid the contamination of eye drop; don’t touch the tip of eye drop. After using the eye drop, close your eyes at least for 2 to 3 minutes. This eye drop is always applied at the night time before going to sleep. For getting the superb result, you should apply this eye drop continuously for several months.

Safety steps should be taken by the patients while applying this eye drop-

  • Don’t apply this eye drop, if you are allergic to generic Bimatoprost.
  • Remove your contact lens before using the eye drop because this eye drop decolorizes the actual color of eye drop.
  • This eye drop not applied in the case of pregnancy.
  • Properly wash your hands and eyes before using the eye drop.
  • Children under the age of 18 years should not apply this eye drop.

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