Eyes are the doorway to one's soul. Eyes express when words fall short. Therefore, People, especially women all around the globe thus spend a fortune on beautifying the eyes. The women who have sparse eyelashes feel a greater need to beautifying their eyes, as they do not want to feel inferior due to their thinning eyelashes. Thin and short reduces the visual appeal of the eyes. However, these beauty products may not suit everyone and can cause severe allergic reactions in some. Therefore, women are constantly looking for a safe and effective solution that can lengthen their eyelashes and enhance the beauty of their eyelashes permanently. Do not worry as we have an astounding solution called Careprost 0.03 eye drops that will enhance your eye's beauty by lengthening your eyelashes.

To know more about this magical product called Careprost eye drops, please read on further:

Careprost eye drops is an ultimate solution for people suffering from the condition called hypotrichosis. Hypotrichosis is a disorder in which there is a decrease in density and length of eyelashes. Careprost eye drops thus help you in attaining dense and darker eyelashes. Careprost eye drops will add to the charm of your eyes by lengthening and making your short and thin eyelashes dense. Apart from treating the troubles of hypotrichosis, Careprost eye drops are  a popular agent for treating open-angle glaucoma.  Careprost eye drops constitute Bimatoprost as the main active constituent. Bimatoprost acts by enhancing the anagen phase and decreasing the telogen phase of the eyelash growth cycle thereby lengthens the eyelashes. In open angle glaucoma, Bimatoprost acts by increasing the drainage of aqueous humor, therefore, decreases the intraocular pressure.

The dosing schedule of Careprost eye drops:  Careprost eye drops comes in a dosing strength of 0.03%w/v.

The dosing schedule for treating hypotrichosis: To treat hypotrichosis, take a drop of Careprost eye drops onto the applicator brush and apply it on the upper eyelid closer to the lash line. Repeat the same procedure in the other eye as well.

The dosing schedule for treating open angle glaucoma: to treat open-angle glaucoma put a single drop of Careprost eye drops in the pocket of the affected eye, once a day preferably at bedtime. Repeat the same procedure in the other eye.

Safety measures taken with the use of Careprost eye drops:

Do not use Careprost eye drops if you are allergic to any of the ingredient present in this medication. Remove the contact lenses before using Careprost eye drops. Wait for at least 15 minutes before wearing contact lenses after the use of Careprost eye drops. Driving is inadvisable after using Careprost eye drops as it may cause haziness of vision. Do not use any other ophthalmic product concomitantly with Careprost eye drops. A person below 18 years of age should not use Careprost eye drops.

Adverse effects of Careprost eye drops: The commonly seen adverse effects of Careprost eye drops are blurring of vision, itching and burning sensation in the eye, excessive watering of the eye, feeling of having something in your eyes and redness of the eyes.

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