Career orientation of the couple also plays a crucial role in the selection of time for getting pregnant or going for an abortion if their conception time doesn't match their preferred time. However, the study reports that in a past decade the cases of medical abortion opt by the women of the age above 25 years to max 35 years has increased massively because the women of the modern era are well- educated, working and owe that confidence and independence from which they were deprived of earlier. Hold on! It doesn't mean that now there are no social- stigmas in our society. There are regions and people called pro-life activists who are totally against of abortion or fetus-infanticide. But these people should understand the fact that the women only has the right to produce the offspring's as she has the uterus or baby pouch in her body so it's completely her right to decide that when to conceive and when to terminate. Due to any weird reason like her immature age, no partner or support with her, poor financial condition of family, her poor physical or psychological health, family planning and career planning issues are the major reasons behind opting the abortion.


Medical abortion is the safest mode to abort a fetus up to the gestation age of max 9 weeks when taking MTP Kit for terminating the pregnancy. The MTP Kit consists of 5 pills, 1 of Mifepristone 200mg and other 4 pills of Misoprostol each of 200mcg.


These pills function by shattering the growth and development of fetus by inhibiting the surge of a crucial hormone called Progesterone. The hormone plays a vital role in supplying the oxygenated blood and nourishment to the developing fetus. The hormone is responsible for forming the myometrial and endometrial lining of the uterus thus anti-progesterone effect makes the fetal tissues dead. The debris gets evacuated from the uterus via the softened and dilated cervix opening in the form of vaginal bleeding.

Abortion pills-Protected and safest way to conclude pregnancy

Women who have conceived mistakenly either due to faulty precaution can terminate her gestation by the consumption of pills of the MTP Kit. Swallow Mifepristone 200mg pill in morning time at an empty stomach with colossal water and after the lapse of 36 hours consume the pills called Misoprostol 200mcg each either sublingually or by placing the same deep inside their vagina. A woman after placing the pills of MTP Kit can report bleeding vaginally up to the duration of 14 days so have to visit the OBGYN with a TVS ultrasound for the confirmation of the complete termination of pregnancy.


Adverse effects that can hit the women when she consumes these pills of MTP Kit are queasiness, headache, trembling in muscles, myalgia, pain in pelvic, stomach, back and head are common with MTP kit consumption. Intense vaginal bleeding, stomach cramping, fatigue in body and fever are some common adverse effects associated with MTP kit intake.

Precautions that women should take when she relies on MTP Kit are like strict avoidance of intimacy alcohol, tobacco smoke, drug abuse or involvement in any strenuous exercise. Women should take out their IUD from their vagina prior placing Misoprostol pills into their cavity.

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