Do you often sleepless nights? Don’t you have fix time to go to bed? Do you find it difficult to sleep for long hours? Do you eat unhealthy diets? Do you take food that takes a long time to digest? Do you prefer mostly the oily foods and packet foods with low nutritional value? Do you smoke a lot? Do you party hard with alcohol? Do you have the burden of work over you? Do you find yourself quite often in stress? Do you have Diabetes/ Fibromyalgia/Syphilis infection/Hypertension/arrhythmia? Do in past you have undergone surgery in your penile or any injury in your spine? Do you find yourself overweight? Do you wear tight underpants? Do you work by putting the laptop over your lap means directly over groin region? Do you find yourself obsessed with porn readings and videos? Or you think you’re getting older in an age that’s why you’re having the condition called Erectile Dysfunction in your organ? Think twice….this is not your aging but the trouble inflow of blood in the groin which is restricting you to achieve the quicker and long-lasting erection in the penile.

Vilitra is the most sold drug in the category of medicines that cures Erectile Dysfunction. The functioning element of this brand is Vardenafil and soon you begin with this dosing the better you can develop you erection potencies. Men that are not enjoying their bedroom life should go for this medicine as this is not a habit-forming or a daily taking medicine. Vilitra 60 mg pill is the emergency pill when you’re not finding a true erection in your organ then you can take it up to have a quicker erection in your penile.

Vilitra makes you stay longer in the bed room by giving you an erection for a long time by inhibiting the function of PDE5 enzymes to disintegrate the molecules of cGMP. Protecting the enzymes to carry out the function enhance the collection of NO-cGMP in the tissues of penile that gives a man a fuller and sturdy erection.

Consume Vilitra medicine (20, 40 & 60mg) with colossal water half an hour before making love and enjoy the effect of medicine till long time 4-5 hours. This pill must not be taken with alcohol and any other beverage but with water. Consume pill without breaking and enjoy its benefits for a long time in you. Do not repeat the medicine twice in a day.

Cautionary hints patient must follow with medicine Vilitra is restricting grapefruit juice, caffeine, tea, and alcohol. Medicines with nitrates as active moiety must not be taken with Vilitra medicine else BP can get disturbed. Those have the difficult function of liver and kidney in them dose is needed to be adjusted.

Malicious effects of consuming Cenforce pills are a headache, weak in legs muscles, stiff back muscles shortness of breath, nausea, and Priapism.

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