Last Saturday Eva was looking at her old day's photos and there she notices a big change in her looks. She was looking a bit different and elegant. In comparison her past and present photographs she figured out a big change in her eyes looks. They were looking bigger, enhanced and beautiful and the reason this time, “is not the eye makeup but the lavishing long lashes that were surrounding the eyelid contour”.

Eva found out that in present pictures she lacks enough number of eyelashes that are too small and thin to be visible from a distance of 4 feet. Eva revealed that in her school days she has a habit of plucking her eyelash hairs to make her different wish fulfill. There was a common myth in the children of that times that plucking the eyelash hairs, keeping it over the palm and then blowing the same with air can make your desire fulfill. Eva believes that she still believes in the same and whenever she found herself stuck on some issue that she still does the same.

Eva accepted that plucking her eyelash hairs have turned them thin and only a few in number. She said that I thought plucking the eyelashes hairs will enhance the number of hairs in the eyelash and they will grow with faster pace as like when we get frequent hairs trimming our hairs grew faster and longer, therefore, she never cared that by plucking the eyelashes one day she will completely lack them.

An eye without eyelashes looks naked and instead of attracting the person they set person horrified. The long, strong and thick eyelash is the dream of every woman so does Eva. She regrets what she has done but wants to relash her eyes as soon as possible for this she chosen a product Careprost Eye Drop, the active present in medicine was Bimatoprost 0.03%.

Bimatoprost is a potent formula whose long-term use till 8-12 weeks makes the eyelashes of the person grew faster as this medicine lengthens the phase of Anaphase. Dilation of the dermal papilla in the eyelash turns them thick whereas stimulation to the process of melanin synthesis will turn the eyelash to the darker color. Thus, single potent medicine Careprost will give the best effect over the eyelash by turning them long, thick and strong.

When applying this medication you have to follow these measures:

  • Wash the dirt/dust and wipe the traces of makeup from the face
  • If you wear contact lenses then take the same out of our eyes only then you should put the medication in your eye
  • Always apply Careprost only on the upper eyelid contour and strike a solution over eth eyelid by taking a drop over an applicator brush moving from inner corner to extending to outer corner of an eye

Some side effects that a user may get on applying the Careprost Eye drop are a pain, itching, warmth and watering from eyes.

Some cautions a user to Careprost Eye drop must follow includes:

  • Usage of only fresh applicator when using the eye medication
  • Wipe the excess solution with a clean tissue to avoid unwanted hair growth
  • Give a lapse of 10 minutes if you’re using 2 different medications in eye
  • Do put medication in injured or surgery eyes

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