Almost 14 months have passed when you first received an inner instinct to become a mother and you unveiled your desire to your partner though earlier he was thinking about the finances and the management of other things but soon you both got linked to the common feeling of becoming a parent henceforth you did many changes in your daily diets, exercise, and overall lifestyle.

After developing a strong determination to invite a child in the life you both stayed strict to your daily regime and were pretty sure that in almost first or second attempt you will turn with a good news of pregnancy but the time continues and the months passed like days and you both left frustrated and derailed from the parental goal towards infertility.

hcg Pregnyl injection for infertility

On repetitive failure to conception you were alleged to move to gynecologist there she prescribed you for some of the tests to discover the difficulty in conception in pregnancy which was figured out to be anovulation. She prescribed you with an injection of Pregnyl medicine along with some prenatal vitamins, folic acids, some specific fruits and vegetables, breathing exercises and certain yoga postures so that without any further delay you can conceive your pregnancy. Taking Pregnyl 5000 IU consisting HCG injections you within 5 months became successfully pregnant.

Mechanism & Dosing of Pregnyl: In men HCG counters the state of infertility by improvising the potency, mobility and boosting the concentration of sperm cells in the semen discharge by boosting the concentration of testosterone hormone in the men body whereas in body of women Pregnyl corrects the condition of infertility by correcting the menstruation cycle, boosting the levels of specific hormones such as FSH, LH & Progesterone. This injection is extremely important for having an egg size of good quality and bigger size so that fertilization can happen correctly thereby implantation also. Pregnyl is safe for men and women but also plays a vital role in a young child to correct the condition of Cryptorchidism.

  • Pregnyl 10000 IU injection corrects anovulation in women when given to women through SC or IM route followed by the last dose of Menotropins for 3 months.
  • Pregnyl 4000 IU corrects Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism in men when given through Sc/IM route for about thrice a week till the length of 6-9 months followed subsequently by Injection of 2000 IU dosing for about thrice/week.
  • Pregnyl 5000 IU treats the case of Prepubertal Cryptorchidism in young children whose testicles haven’t dropped to the scrotal sac usually on every other day till four injections.

Only a few persons have reported the negative effects of Pregnyl like a headache, exacerbation, pomposity at the injection site, tiredness, and pain in the pubic region, mood swings, and Gynecomastia in men.

Focus Here!!

  • It is mandatory to undergo pre-gynecological examination before your doctor starts therapy with Pregnyl.
  • Use of Pregnyl doubles the chances of multiple pregnancies so be under doctor guidance when you are pregnant.
  • If you are hypersensitive to any compound present in Pregnyl, then do not take it otherwise it may cause allergic symptoms.

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