Today eye health is an important topic of discussion. As eyes are the main senses that are needed by us. Nobody wants to lose his or her sight. If glaucoma left untreated you can go deep in darkness. Glaucoma is the leading case of blindness in America but there are few people who never notice any change until they see some vision changes. Because of time, and to save money, many patients neglect their eyes and the result is an eye problem. Without your eyes, you are nothing. You could not be able to sustain without your eye senses. It is important that before you notice any problem with your eyes, you should begin using Latanoprost Ophthalmic Solution. These eye drops are the best solution to increase the intraocular flow of liquid and brings down eye pressure. This helps in solving glaucoma problem.

If you do not want to lose your sight then without waiting, use Latanoprost

Latanoprost eye drops help in stopping the rise in an eye pressure and also open-angle glaucoma. These eye drops are prostaglandin that works in lowering an eye pressure by causing an elevation in fluid drainage. Glaucoma can cause complete blindness so it is better to start with this medication as soon as possible.

Latanoprost is prostanoid FP receptor agonists that reduce intraocular eye pressure by potentiating the outflow of fluid from the eyes. Because of high IOP, it is risky for field loss. The higher the IOP, the more is likely hood for damage to an eye.

Dose and Direction to use

One eye drops is suffice to reduce intraocular eye pressure. Instill a single eye drop in an affected eye once per day in the evening time.

On eye drops is suffice for glaucoma. Put it in an affected eye once per day in the evening time.

Tilt your head back and then form a pouch. Then instill an eye drop in each affected eye. Close your eyes and press the corner of an eye so that solution does not get drained. Wipe excess solution with the assistance of tissue paper.

Contradictory factors to follow: You should never use if:

  • You suffer from herpes infection in an eye.
  • You are using Bimatoprost.
  • You are sensitive to this medicine.

Keep in mind some safety tips before using an eye drop

  • Keep your hands always clean before and after using it.
  • Never touch the tip of an applicator and bottle as it leads to contamination.
  • Take out your contact lenses before use.
  • If you have to use another eye drop then keep five minutes gap.
  • Do not put in your mouth or nose.

Some after-effects you may see with Latanoprost eye drops are feeling of something in your eye, allergies, blurred vision, changes in eyelash growth, dryness, eye burning, itching or stinging, and raised tear production.

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