Insomnia is a medical illness that makes the person unable to get sleep at night. As this site is for insomnia blog, Dazy come forward to share her experience with us about her struggling year of Insomnia. She was struggling from the sleep problem from childhood, one day she come downstairs and told to her dad that she is not able to sleep, then his dad take her back to bed and told just close your eyes and you will be able to sleep. As she start getting older her insomnia struggle become worse and she spend night by counting the hours, like if she sleep now she will get sleep of 7 hours, then if she get sleep now she get sleep of 6 hour like on she spend her all night awaked and murmur to self that tomorrow is going to be hectic. She feels insomnia more before exam night and stress at work. Soon she completed her education and joins the dad business of jewelry. She only gets sleep if she go to the bed in evening or while watching TV, but once she wake up to switch off the TV she become unable to get sleep back. Her sleepless night start affected her sleep and finally she research on internet for whole of the day to know about insomnia treatment and get to know about Ambien from our web portal and place an order immediately and start getting better sleep at night for 8 hours with Ambien.

Ambien for insomnia

Ambien the product of Zolpidem is most recommended medication by the therapist for the treatment of insomnia. The drug makes the person fall asleep for complete 8 hours at night to feel refresh in the next morning. It reduces the frequent awakening at night time and keeps you calm and stress-free. Zolpidem belongs to the group of a narcotic or hypnotic medicine. It decreases the over-activity in the brain and keeps the mind quiet. Zolpidem diminishes the alpha-subunit, selected as the benzodiazepine receptor, inside the GABAA receptor chloride system macromolecular complex.

Ambien oral tablets are accessible as of 10mg and 12.5mg. Usually, the person has to initiate her treatment with a dose of 10mg once before bedtime thru the oral route. The man has to consume one dose of 10mg and woman has to ingest a dose of 5mg in a day for insomnia action. The dose schedule remains same with 12.5mg strength i.e. one dose of 12.5mg once in men and 6.25mg in women for treating insomnia.

Although the intake of Ambien may cause some adverse effects as of drowsiness, headache, and stuffy nose, dizziness, weakness, nose or throat irritation, dry mouth, muscle pain. Henceforth, the consumption of alcohol is completely prohibited while using Ambien. Make sure you get complete sleep of 8 hours at night else you may forget the things that happened at night or as of dizziness accident too can happen. The pregnant women and nursing women should have to avoid the use of Ambien without doctor consultation.

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