Puberty in teens is difficult for both parents and children. Parents know it's hard for teens to understand and as they enter the phase, parents guide their children about the changes happening in their body. When they come to know about their erection, they feel pleasurable. Boys start with rubbing techniques until they come in an age where they search for their partner. To explore sensuality more and deeper, boys make their efforts to form a better relation. When the relation is strong, female trusts on their counterparts and ultimately the time to enjoy each other's sensuality comes. Intimacy is pleasing for both men and women. Both find peace in each other's arms. It is the natural process in man to have an erection on stimulation. However, some man finds it hard to get an erection. After so much sensual stimulation and pleasure making, when erection does not come up, it means there is some problem. Do not leave your session due to ED, keep with yourself Vilitra 60 mg tablets. This medicine helps in gaining an erection within few minutes of its usage. Whenever you are paused in your intimacy session, do not lose heart, feel the pleasure in bed with Vilitra.

Vardenafil is the important component of medicine Vilitra. This medicine is classified under phosphodiesterase enzyme blocker. The responsibility of PDE5 is to degrade down cGMP that is present inside the penile region. This less amount of cGMP will bring about poor vasodilation and poor erection altogether.

Vilitra is the drug that stops the PDE5 work and enhances the amount of cGMP in the penile region. There will be an increase in the vasodilation process of blood vessels and finally, blood flows through the vessels speedily. This process brings about a stronger and harder erection. Now, you are able to have intimacy session with your partner.

Vilitra Strengths: It comprises of strengths as 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg.

Dosage Requirement: There is a need to take a single tablet before one hour of physical intimacy session. The activity will begin as soon within 30 minutes and the activity will prolong for about a period of 4-5 hours.

Second Dosage: There is a need to take another dose only after 24 hours starting from the first dose.

Dose Form: This is a type of solid dosage form and should be consumed orally with enough of water.

Contradictory features to be followed:

  • Totally contraindicate when feeling highly sensitive towards the medicine.
  • Totally contraindicate when also using Nitrate form of medicines.
  • Totally contraindicate when your age comes below 18 years.
  • Totally contraindicate when your erection seems to be painful.

Precautions that must be followed while using this medicine:

  • Keep low on alcoholic drinks and grapefruit juice as these interfere and produce some harmful effects.
  • Keep low on fat food as fats will lessen down the rate of absorption.
  • The Huge dizzy feeling appears just after physical intimacy so avoid work that is too hard.
  • People prone to cardiac ailment should not use this or if they have to then ask a doctor.

Some serious form of after ailments that precipitates are like flushing, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, muscle pain, back pain, dizziness, and painful erection.

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