Erectile dysfunction could be defined as the inability to maintain the desired hardness to have a successful sexual activity. The inability happens due to improper flow of blood to the penis.  Now erection again varies from one individual to the other. In some cases there is no erection at all and in some cases there is erection but not hard enough to have sexual intercourse.


Four phases of sexual activity

The four different phases of sexual activity includes excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Everyone has to go through this cycle and the only thing which will vary will be the time period for all the phases.

Excitement is the first phase of sexual response cycle. The period can be from few minutes to several hours.  The symptoms observed during this phase include increased muscle tension, acceleration in breathing, the male’s testes swells and the scrotum tightens.           

Plateau is the next stage where the excitement keeps growing further.  The period is believed to last for few seconds and men believe to extend this period as much as possible. The reason is to get an intense ejaculation. The excitement is at its zenith during this period.            

Orgasm is the shortest phase which lasts for few seconds only. There is involuntary muscle contraction. Increase in the heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate is also observed during this phase. There is a sudden release of the muscle tension and repeated contraction is noticed at the base of the penis. For both male and female the phase is expressed as pleasures waves throughout the body.

The final stage is termed as resolution stage and the body parts returns back to its normal sate. The resolution state is a state of well being, intimacy and may be fatigue. The phase occurs immediately after orgasm phase and there is no added stimulation.


What causes erectile dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction could be due to immense aggregated stress and depression on a day to day basis. This repeatedly occurring leads to erectile inability. There had been bad interpersonal relationship which is responsible for inability to maintain the erectness. When a man has erectile dysfunction the blood vessels in the penis are not working properly which prevents the blood o reach the penis.   


Common risk factor for erectile dysfunction

The most commonly occurring risk factor which is responsible for erectile dysfunction could be high blood pressure, spinal cord injury which is affecting the nerves which sends signal from the brain to the reproductory organs.  Anxiety, stress and depression are a regularly occurring risk factor which ultimately leads to erectile dysfunctioning.  



Snovitra is a Phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor and is used to treat erectile dysfunctioning. Snovitra increases the blood flow to the penis and helps to maintain a strong erection. Snovitra is available in two strengths of Snovitra 20 mg and Snovitra 40 mg.



There are various precaution which needs to be taken to prevent any untoward adverse events. Before taking Snovitra you must know if you have any allergic reaction due to the medication. Snovitra is reported to cause dizziness, runny nose and lightheadedness.