If you have landed to our page for the search of best eye drops for longer lashes then you must be aware of the Careprost eye drops. Careprost is absolutely remarkable and actual it really is because it will most absolutely provide you those silly buff eyelashes.  Serious.  It's no lie. If you are not aware of the Careprost eye drops previously then read on the blog and get know complete about Careprost.

careprost for long eyelashes

If you are the women who born with tinny lashes, but you are beauty conscious and love to apply makeup over lashes to have beautiful lashes then you are causing harm to your eyes. If you really willing to have longer lashes and wants to look beautiful then you must attempt Careprost eye drops. It is a perfect result that supports you to substitute your mascara and false lashes.   With this merchandise, you can expand your eyelashes naturally.Packed and longer eyelashes make your look eye-catching and also improve your overall look.

For Long and Beautiful Eyelashes

The Working Action and process of Application of Careprost Eye Drops:

The Generic Bimatoprost encloses in Careprost Eye Drops for Eyelash Development is a generic prostamide which belongs to the category of drugs recognized as prostaglandin analog. It acts delightfully for both hypotrichosis and open-angle glaucoma. The medication improves the Anagen phase of eyelash development cycle and diminutions the Telogen phase of eyes hair growth. This overall functioning supports the development of new eyelash follicles for improved growth.

Careprost eye drop is a serum formulation comes as of 0.03% of Bimatoprost. The use of serum should be done externally to grow the lashes naturally and you must have to continue with the treatment for the duration of 16 weeks.

Steps to apply the serum on eyes:

  • First of all, remove the contact lenses from eyes and wash the face properly or remove the makeup product.
  • Now place a dab amount of serum on the thin applicator and draws a line sideways edge of upper eyelid same as you apply liner.
  • Now after that close your eyes for 2 to3 minutes while this drug gets applied automatically to the lower edges.
  • Repeat the same procedure for the other eyes and apply the medication at nighttime only.

Although, the use of eye drops make you notice some side effects like as unwanted hair growth on the face, swelling of eyes, blurry vision, headache, watery eyes and redness of eyes, itching, irritation, and eyeball color change. Therefore, always wash the hand before and after usage of drug application. Do not participate in attention-seeking task after drug usage. If you are pregnant women and nursing mother then better to avoid the use of eye drops. If you are using any other eye drops then must maintain the gap of 10 minutes between two dosages. If you have sensitivity issues with Bimatoprost then better to avoid the use of Careprost.

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