Tadagra is an effective medicine which overcomes the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Tadagra helps the men to hold an erection for long period of time. Tadagra medicine is an excellent medicine for ED. Tadagra can be used by any male but who are above than 18 years of age. Generic Tadalafil is a main active pharmaceutical ingredient found in the Tadagra. For best consequences of Tadagra, it should be administered before half an hour of physical intimacy act. Tadagra is now available on our site.

What are the causes of ED?

Physical factors- smoking, drinking of high quantity of alcohol, diabetes, arthrosclerosis, liver or kidney disorder, hypertension (high blood pressure), cardiac disease, injury of tissues, Psychological factors- anxiety, work load, tension, feeling of guilt, depression, work pressure, physical relationship issues can causes erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction at different stages of life

There can be different causes of erectile dysfunctions at different stages of life. We can classify them at three different stages.

Young men: Most common cause of erectile dysfunction is anxiety. The anxiety may be due to getting someone getting pregnant.

Middle aged men: the common cause of erectile dysfunction for middle aged men may include stress, guilt t or having sex with a new partner.

Older Men:  Men over the age of 70 years have erectile dysfunction as it comes naturally due to deterioration of the blood vessels  

 How to revive back the Libido naturally

1.  Increases your libido with foods which regulates the level of sex hormones and best examples are obviously are oyster, chocolates and red wines.

2. Avoid boozing as it can loosen the things, but too much can lead to extreme drowsiness.  Smoking too much is also a drain on sexual energy. So ditch the cigarette if you smoke.

3. Spend intimate time together sitting near a beach and watching sunset. You can set the scene before love making by such activities.

4. You could lower the stress by eating regularly, doing exercise and relaxation. 


Some Precautions

   There are various precautions which needs to be taken before starting off with Tadagra when includes .

1.   In case of any heart related problem it is important to tell your doctor before you start taking the pill.

2.   In case of prolonged erection for more than 4 hours, contact your doctor immediately.

3.   Excessive alcohol should be avoided while you are taking Tadalafil.

4.   In case of sudden loss of eye vision, stop the medication and visit the nearest clinic for check up.  

The medication is contraindicated if you are using nitrate medicines.  You should not eat or drink grapefruit juice as it may alter the amount of medication absorbed by the body.

Instant Revival of libido by Tadaga and generic Tadalafil

For instant response you can take one tablet of Tadaga by oral route, 30 minutes before physical intercourse but there are several precautions which are needed to be taken especially if you plan to drive after the medication it has shown feeling of dizziness. It is also not suitable for patients suffering from kidney liver or cardiac disease. So you can buy Tadaga 20 mg and generic Tadalafil.