A man is not able to enjoy his sensual life as he used to before that makes him feel frustrated and angry. ED stops a man from initiating the physical activity. This makes a woman feel that his partner doesn’t find her attractive and beautiful anymore. Therefore, it is very important for a man suffering from ED to discuss this problem with his partner so that he doesn’t have to deal with it alone.

Erectile Dysfunction can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle such as taking a walk every day, eating healthy diet that contains low amount of fatty acids, quitting smoking, decreasing the intake of alcohol, reducing weight, doing relaxation or stress relieving exercises (meditation and yoga), etc. There are many methods available in the market to treat ED today, but one of the best and popular ways to deal with is Oral Phosphodiesterase (PDE) Inhibitors such as Tadalafil.

In rare conditions, when these medications are not able to treat this problem, use of methods such as Penile Injections, Vacuum pumps or penile surgery may be necessary. These medications give instant results and are very effective. Tadagra 20mg is a very popular drug used by men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction all over the world due to its fast and rapid action.

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It contains Tadalafil as its active ingredient that is PDE inhibitor. It is available in the form of a tablet and consumed when required. When a man is sensually stimulated, the blood flow to the male genital organs is increased. This results in the production of a firm erection.

But if a man is suffering from ED, this does not take place. Tadalafil helps in achieving an erection by inhibiting the activity of Phosphodiesterase enzymes. Tadagra20mg comes in tablet dosage form and is to be swallowed with water when required.

Do not take diet rich in fatty acids as it can hamper the performance of the medicine. Take it at least an hour before the physical intercourse. It is not for the use of children and women. Avoid grape juice as it can result in harmful effects.Avoid intake of this drug in more than suggested amounts (1pill a day) as it can produce adverse effects on the body. The adverse effects of Tadagra are flushing, nausea, exhaustion, dizziness, shallow breathing, etc.

The safety measures of Tadagra 20mg are mentioned below:

  • Avoid intake of this drug in case you have recent history of chronic heart disorders.
  • Tadagra should not be consumed with nitrates and its derivatives as it can result in severe drop in blood pressure and hypotension.
  • Do not take this medication with alcohol or related drinks.
  • If a man is allergic to Tadalafil or other related compounds, then he should consume Tadagra.

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