Nowadays erectile dysfunction is a common major sexual problem suffered by the male above the age of 40 years.

Erectile dysfunction also called as impotence, it is a sexual disorder in man, in which he won’t be able to keep the penis erect during coitus,and thus it stops the man from enjoying the sexual session. The underlying cause of erection can be physical or psychological. The man with the erotic disability always in a stated of depressed and embarrassed, he always blame himself for this cause. So, to overcome all the bedroom woes man can take the help of medicament like sildenafil, Vardenafil, tadalafil and avanafil. Generic sildenafil is marketed under the brand name of Fildena, a potent medicament for the erotic disability.


With the help of medicines Fildena, sensual issues can be easily worked out. It is the one of medicament which easily helps the man form the impotence trouble. With the help of Fildena 100mg a man can easily overcome the problem of impotence, as normal man can enhance their sexual activity.

Now the question arises how this drug can do wonders for the man? Fildena is a brand of generic Sildenafilcitrate which is a PDE 5 inhibitor. The FDA approves sildenafil citrate as a potent erectile dysfunction drug. The Fildena is effective for those men only who has sex drive, it doesn’t works for aphrodisiac. Fildena just provides the way to improve their sexual life by augmenting the blood supply to the penile region.

on the basis of the patient illness and requirement Fildena  comes in the dose of 50mg and 100mg.Fildena 50mg is the initially prescribe to the patient, it serves as a powerful sex enhancer for the person to deal with repeated penile erection failure and bring a long lasting and active erection.

Moreover this drug does wonders for all the man irrespective of their age, illness duration. Overall, without any failure this drug proves beneficial for the man with erotic disability.

To get the complete benefits of any medicament, it is best to take such drug as prescribed. According to the physical and illness condition man can devoured this tablet orally with a glass of water, 25-30 minutes earlier involving into the sexual session. To evade from the undesired response it is recommended not to take more than one tablet in a day. Man should not crush or chew the tablet. The best way to get the dynamic impact is to take such drug on empty stomach or take after this drug after 2-3 hours of the diet.

Man may get some undesired impact like Fainting, Numbness in arms, legs or neck

Sudden loss of hearing, Allergic reactions such as runny nose, skin irritation etc, sudden vision loss, Priapism (erection that lasts more than 4 hours), Chest pain

Some safety tips should be kept in mind before and after taking such medication

Patient taking nitrate based drug should not take this drug, as  it may results into the severe fall in blood pressure.

The FDAconstrain the concomitant use of alpha-blockers along with this medication.

Men suffered from the recent heart attack or stroke within the past 6 months and those suffered from the medical conditions like severe low blood pressure or liver disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, unstable angina) that make sexual activity inadvisable should not take Fildena. Dosages of the drug should be limited in patients with kidney or liver, before taking any drug, individual should be aware about the drug profile, so he gets the desired response and minor undesired effects.

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