For men facing an erectile dysfunction, the condition is the worst nightmare as it’s just not a loss of their penile hardness but it’s a loss of their dignity and masculinity. The man longevity to perform between the sheets is somewhat is the measure of his masculinity and a degree of determination to his potency. The fear of not being able to raise the organ at many occasions infuses a sense of insecurity in men. The recurring failure in bed and unsettling fear to his condition often turns to be the major reason for stress, performance anxiety, and depression. That further forms another good reason for the development of Erectile Dysfunction.

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Identifying the reasons for the development of condition erectile dysfunction will keep the men miles away from falling into the trap of sensual condition called Impotence. The first thing to understand about this condition is that the condition evolves in men when there occurs any hindrance in the circulation of blood of penile region. The possible causes to hindered blood flow in groin region are higher cholesterol levels in the blood, blockage in blood vessels, any injury or surgery in spinal or groin region, a disease like diabetes, hypertension, obesity and miscellaneous factors such as overeating junks, taking drinks like alcohol and doing smoking in excess.

If you are a sufferer of erectile dysfunction (ED), don’t be so hard, too depressing on yourself, since impotence a correction available and the name of that treatment is Cenforce 100 mg medicine or other medicines that has Sildenafil as the FDA acclaimed generic ingredient. Symptoms such as reduced sensual desires, early fall out of ejaculation, delayed arousal and difficulty in maintaining the hardness in the penile organ till duration the couple reaches the climax of their performance are some challenging cases associated to the sensual health of a man that is cured by the single intake of medicine Cenforce.

The mechanism through which Cenforce pill exerts its therapeutic effect over the male patient is inhibition of functioning of the collection of enzyme PDE5 whose basic effect in the body is to break down the molecules of cGMP. Nitric Oxide which is released at the time of arousal in the man’s body further creates the amount of cGMP in the penile tissues. An excess amount of cGMP creates relaxation in penile muscles and causes the dilation of the penile supplying arteries thus force a large amount of blood to circulate in groin region to boost a stiffer erection in the penile organ.

Consume Cenforce pill (50, 100, 150 & 200mg) almost an hour before making intimacy with the colossal sum of water either before or after having the meal in the stomach. Take medicine without breaking or chewing. The time to which Cenforce lasts its therapeutic effect in men is 4-5 hours.

Some advisory tips for men taking Cenforce dosing are to avoid grapefruit juice, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages. Skip junk foods and drugs that have nitrates as active moiety as this can alter the effect of the medicine. Patients are not recommended to take the Cenforce pill twice in 24 hours else there exist risk to some side effects such as dry or a sore throat, tremors, myalgia, exhaustion and pain whilst erection.

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