Eyes are one of the important sense organs that work for us day and night without stopping its function apart from their basic function eyes do some secondary things for us which is attracting the other person to fall for you by winking, blinking or showing some naughty gestures. They twinkle with love and are the window to showcase your emotions. Without taking a break for a minute eye work for us day and night.

Careprost Eye Drops for eyelashes growth

Eyes are vital for us not only it enables us to see this world but it also assists us to find a perfect soul mate for us. Eyes show love, eyes show heartedness, they show grief, they show affection, they cry when we are in pain and twinkle when we are happy from within. We left our eyes no time tranquil.

When they put so much effort for us in finding out the right person then it’s our duty to support them with their motto by beautifying them, relaxing and enhancing their looks. All three purpose of this medicine can be fulfilled by only eye medication which is Careprost eye drop.  The active drug ingredient to this brand is 0.03% Bimatoprost. This medicine is a new-generation approach to make the eyelashes grow longer, fuller, thicker and darker in color. Eyes covered with long lashes add starts to your persona.

Careprost Eye Drop enclose FDA approved active ingredient Bimatoprost which when you apply over eyes it will make the eyelash length grow longer by stretching the hair growth phase Anagen and shortening the relaxing phase Telophase. Putting drops of Careprost in eyes expands the dermal papilla to raise the thickening of eyelash whereas synthesis of melanin pigment will darken the color of lashes. Instilling the dosing into eyes will release the stress of ocular hypertension from the eyes.

Careprost Eye Drop sterile ophthalmic preparations when used for the duration of 8-12 weeks continuously it will make your eyelashes look bestowing. For management of disorder open-angle, a 1-1 drop of Bimatoprost in both eyes will drain out all the stress from the eyes. To make your eyelash grow long apply Careprost eye medication only on the upper eyelash using a brush from the inner corner of the eye to extending to the outer.

Bimatoprost 0.03% is Careprost eye drop formula which when used for a long duration may develop adverse effects such as pain, inflammation, darkening under eye skin, pink eyes, watering, warmth, burning, and temporary change in iris color.

Some of the preventive measures to be followed by the patient using Careprost Eye medications include:

  • Use only new applicator brush to smear eye medication over lashes
  • Take off excess Careprost solution from the eyes else excess hair growth may occur over eyelids
  • Give lapse of 10minutes between different eye medications being used for different reasons
  • Never use Careprost eye drop over injured, stitched region or if you have an infection in your eyes

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