Erectile dysfunction is a widely prevalent condition that affects millions and millions of males worldwide, it affects around 30 million men just in the USA. In this condition, a male gets incapable of intercourse as he is unable to get erect or maintain an erection for sufficient period. This condition, however, affects almost all males but it turns a disorder when it is consistent. There are various factors that can make a male prone to ED and that include unhealthy lifestyle and the poor state of heart which is a very common case. Increased cholesterol levels in the blood can affect the heart and thus erection. Why heart has so much effect on erection is because erection needs blood flow and anything that hampers the flood of blood in that zone can affect erection. So can maintain a good healthy heart, cholesterol levels and consequently weight can have a positive effect on erection? Various studies show that can to a degree.

Erectile dysfunction

One of the most common causes of ED is Atherosclerosis, which is the narrowing of the blood vessels. Various factors including high cholesterol content can lead to Atherosclerosis. The high cholesterol in the blood can get deposited in the arteries and thus block or reduce the blood flow. There is also a speculation that a correlation exists between ED and high blood pressure as that can harm the nerves responsible for erection. Some lifestyle changes such as healthy food and exercise can help reduce the problem of ED to a certain extent in many. Some dos and don’ts and risk factors are mentioned below to help you with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Risk factors for ED:

  • obesity
  • diabetes types 2
  • chronic kidney ailment
  • mental or emotional stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • multiple sclerosis
  • injury due to prostate cancer treatment
  • injury to spinal cord, pelvis, bladder, penile zone or prostate
  • plaque in the penile zone
  • drinking, smoking or using street drugs

What not to eat:

  • fats products
  • red meat
  • eggs
  • Oils such as  palm, cocoa butter, and coconut oil
  • biscuits
  • frozen sandwiches
  • fried fast foods
  • pizza
  • cakes, pies, doughnuts, and cookies

Most of these foods contain high carbohydrates and high LDL cholesterol which is bad for health and low HDL cholesterol which is good for health.

What to eat:

A few dietary products that can have a positive impact on your heart and thus erection are:

  • oat-based cereals
  • whole grains such as barley
  • eggplant
  • okra
  • beans
  • nuts
  • sunflower oil and safflower
  • fruits such as strawberries, apples, grapes, and citrus fruits
  • soybeans
  • fruits
  • fatty fish
  • vegetables
  • fish

The severe decline in vitamin B-12 can also lead to ED, so add products containing B-12 to your diet. Talk to your doctor about what more can be done to diet. In most cases, these changes still need a supplement to help manage ED. One such drug that is highly admired by its users is Erex 100 mg Sildenafil.

Erex is the drug preferred by millions worldwide for the effective management of erectile dysfunction. The reason behind the immense use of this medication is its ability to successfully vanish ED from a male’s life after each intake. It does so by inducing a hefty erection that keeps erect for a longer period which helps the user make the most of his intimate session. Erex contains an FDA approved medication called Sildenafil Citrate which is also the drug which brought about a paradigm shift in the management of ED.

Erex for the treatment of ED

Sildenafil citrate inhibits an enzyme called PDE-5 which hampers erection by disintegrating cGMP. This chemical enhances the penile blood circulation by dilation and relation of the blood vessels thus filling the penile shaft with blood and making it erect.

Erex can be availed in two different dosing strengths of 50 mg and 100 mg; it is available in tablet form to be taken with water. The beginning dose for this drug is 50 mg which can be increased to 100 mg in case of more response. This drug should be taken one hour before lovemaking, the effects last for 4-5 hours. Take one drug a day on an SOS basis.

A few commonly occurring adverse effects that are associated with the use of this medication are a hazy vision, backache, muscle pain headache, dizziness, nausea and nasal congestion.


  • The use of products such as alcohol and grapefruit juice can worsen the condition.
  • Do not take Erex with high-fat diet.
  • Taking this drug concomitantly with Nitrate medications can lead to a heavy and abrupt drop in blood pressure.

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