Erectile dysfunction is a common concern for a number of couples nowadays. The erection of penile is crucially important for having satisfactory sex. Nobody can deny the importance of the sex in a nuptial bonding. In fact stronger the sex leads to the strong bonding between the couple. Some couples get the pleasure of the sex easily while others just fizzle in the room. The most common cause which prevents more than the half couple between the ages of 40-60 years is the erection failure in man.

Erectile dysfunction is a concern only when man experiences the erection failure continuously from the last 2 month.Man may experience improper erection in life due to stress, and psychological imbalance. But if the erection failure is consistent then it’s a matter of concern. Mostly the men having cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, excess intake of alcohol, age are more prone to get the erectile dysfunction and won’t be able to have satisfactory sex.

Man should not be disheartened with this problem, as it easily curable and manageable by doing some changes in the lifestyle. Man should lose weight and have balance BMI ration,should do yoga and exerciseregularly, limit or cut down the intake of alcohol or chewing tobacco. The psychosexual therapy is also a best way to overcome the problem of erection in man, the counselor are having much knowledge about various issue of the sex, they just realized the couple the need of the sex and abolishing the negative thoughts which affects their ability to enjoy. So the treatment of erectile dysfunctional is totally based on the cause.

The physiological cause of the erectile function is due to the abrupt supply of the blood into the penile reason. This problem can easily cureby using the oral medicament Sildigra. You can buy Sildigra 50mg online from a reputed online pharmacy store to make your sexual life delight.


Man having any kind of allergy to sildenafil should not take this drug. The man with cardiovascular disease or priapism (erection longer than 4 hours) should take this drug with caution.

Before taking any drug, patient should be aware about the physical and biological impact of the drug on the body. It is extremely important to take the more benefits and rare undesired effects to take the drug as prescribed.

Sildigra is a brand of generic sildenafil, which comes under the group of medication known as PDE 5 inhibitor.It brings an erection when the man gets sexually excited by temporarily enhances the flow of the blood into the smooth muscle of the penis region. The ideal dose of the Sildigra in 100mg.Man ought to devour this dynamic drug just 30 minutes earlier of doing sex with a glass full of water. The man experiences the difference in just 30 minutes and the effect of this drug last for 4 hours. According to the patient need the Sildigra comes in the dose of 50mg and 100mg.

Men less likely to face some undesired response like skin rash, vomiting, fainting, stroke, nosebleed, sudden decrease or loss of hearing feeling sleepy, reduced sense of touch, vertigo and ringing in the ears, nausea, dry mouth, bleeding at the back of the eyebloodshot or red eyes, eye irritation, eye pain, double vision, abnormal sensation in the eye, watery eyes, pounding or rapid heartbeat, heart attack, irregular heartbeat. Consult your physician immediately if erection longer than 4 hour or if experience any chest pain during sexual session or any vision change.


  • The fatty food has a negative impact on the bioavailability of the drug into the body. So always have a low fat diet while taking Sildigra.
  • Generic Sildenafil has the potential to cause blurred vision, so avoid the works that require alertness like driving or climbing etc.


Sildigra or the generic Sildenafil citrate is a drug that brings manpower and helps in having a more romantic session. You can get it online at the lowest rates.