There are many companies who are promoting their beautifying products and making fake promises. A person with fewer eyelashes are really very distressed and especially it is a major concern for the woman. If you are one of those, who has also used various products for making your eyelashes beautiful and didn't succeed then it is a time to make a change into a new product, Careprost eye drop.Use Careprost, Get Thick Beautiful Eyelashes

Careprost eye drop is designed for the treatment of the hypotrichosis. Hypotrichosis is a disorder in which a person lacks eyelashes.It is very clear you must be thinking, oh no another product which is going to waste your money and time. But it is recommended to you, just give one more chance to this eye drop and make your opinion; whether Careprost is good for you or not.

It is an eye drop which is designed to make your eyelashes grow in sufficient length with proper thickness and in darker complexion. This drop does this work by enhancing the number of the hairs.

Generic bimatoprost makes the drug active; it is an agent that basically promotes the anagen phase of the hair follicle. The anagen phase is the growth phase in a common word. The drug basically lengthens this time duration so that hairs get enough time for their growth and they reach to a maximum. Thus, in this way you get longer eyelashes with good density.

Previously, this drop was being used in glaucoma. Later on it was discovered that this drug causes the growth of hairs thus this unwanted effect was turned into another use of making the growth of the eyelashes.

After four weeks of Careprost-

It is very obvious that everyone wants to know the result obtained after four weeks. After four weeks with regular use of the Careprost, the result obtained would be very surprising. The result would be long eyelashes with enough thickness and elongated length. After four weeks, you will be surprised and excited with the result.

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To get the positive result use the eyelash drop carefully and in a right manner. Take a drop on the applicator brush. This brush should be neat and clean as it can cause eye inflammation if it is dirty. Then apply it on the upper eyelash along its base. While applying you have to be very careful, it should not touch any other part of the face or to the lower eyelash. In case you are using any other eye drop also for the eyes, then have the gap of almost 15 minutes between their applications.

Use the drop one time in a day. Preferable time is the night. Use it regular without forgetting then after four to five weeks you can see the result.

Worth mentioning-

The best part of using this eye drop for beautifying eyelashes is- it is easy and simple to use; it does not cause any harm to the eyelashes, and it is a safe method.

Do and Don’ts-

Remove contact lens if you are lens user before applying the drops. Make use of a sterile brush for applying on the eyelashes. The drops are to be applied only on upper eyelashes. Make sure drops do not touch at any other place as it can lead to the emergence of unwanted hairs.

Tips: You need not to use eye drop in more than the prescribed amount because you will not need it. Only one or two drops are enough.

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